Verify your facebook account ” spam steals authentication token

 Few days after miley cyrus facebook spam, there is new spam that lures user into providing authentication token. Today, i got a notification that one of my friend tagged me in a photo. So , i just take a look into the post, it has a picture with a title “verify your facebook account at [tiny_url]”.


” Attention Please!
WARNING: Announcement from FACEBOOK Verificatio Team. All profile Must be verified Before OCTOBER 2012 To Avoid Scams and Scams under SOPA ACT. The unverfied Accounts will be Terminated.
Verify your account using the link given in description” the message
written in the picture reads.Yes, it is none other than spam similar to previous one but the concept is changed.

 I was curious to visit the link. It redirects me to a page “50.0×11.162.0xcf?id=57421560″. I was surprised to see the url, it has some some hex values in the ip. I’ve convert to decimal and got this ip ”″ Continue Reading Verify your facebook account ” spam steals authentication token

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