Using Airtel 3gb Promo on andriod phone / iphone /computer

You Can easily use your 2,800 3gb airtel bcm promo on all your gadgets, internet enabled devices and computer  on the go using a wifi sharing software like connectify , jokosport and android phone default tether app. just :
Subscribe to Airtel BCM3 with your Airtel SIM
Text BCM3 to 440 and you will be subscribed to Airtel Blackberry
Subscription for 3 months. it really doesn’t matter if you’ve a blackberry
phone. You can use any phone and even modem to subscribe.

After subscription dial *141*712*0# to check your remaining Data confirm it’s 3gb then configure your phone , modem ant tabs with this settings

Authentication  type = Normal
Username =internet
Password = internet

Lunch your wifi sharing app to use it on the other devices

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    I want latest codes on this number 081/2644/4434

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