Top 5 Software To Build Business Portfolio Website

We are discussing on the top five Novice Ready Software to Build Your Small Business Portfolio Website Yourself without knowing a single html code .
It is your right to have your business online irrespective of the size and financial strength of your company or firm . In this age of social media and web 3.0 craziness many real clients usually find it unpleasant  making a simple search of your business name on google  / other popular search engines without coming up with a decent result, this can in turn push them  over to your competitor who has a functional website  with customer support .

What Other Ways  can you build an authority Page for your Business / Company  Without Having an Official Website?
One of the many ways you can establish your company presence online is :

The use of Professional Social Media Business Pages (Fan Pages )
Submitting Your Business to Yellow Pages and Business Directories
Creating A Thread on Popular Forum With Your Business Name as the Topic and Listing all your products and services
Submitting Your Business to Corporate Listing Sites / Services

The con and caprices : While the benefits of the above mentioned methods can’t be overlooked the dis-advantages seems to outweigh the Merits of using this cheap methods for you company pages.

It’s Free
It’s much more easier to set up
No host / domain Name is needed

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You have no right over the contents (the social Network / site can decide to ban you or delete your contents any day)
Clients won’t trust those pages ‘cos any one can just wake up and create it
Forum topics could earn you negative comments and as such negative reputation for your company (you can delete comments on your threads )
The Site can decide to close down any day after all they are not obligated to you.


How Do I Create a Business Portfolio Site for my Company by Myself Without knowing a single html code or on a tight budget ?
Hiring professional web-developers Nowadays  as a small company could be one heck of a burden ‘cos their charges will even scare you away   beyond negotiation. My passion for small business getting online led me to creating this awesome Tutorial Continue Reading…….

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