how to move your wordpress blog from sub-directory (/blog) to root directory in seconds

 1. Log in to your cpanel by visiting your site in this format or
2. Locate file manager from the initial / default display screen and click on it

3. Delete the initial things that are not necessary including index.html / index.php from the root directory and navigate to /blog (current directory where your wordpress site is currently installed ) of your site => select everything there by clicking select all from the menu nav ==> click copy (not move , in order  to still have your backup copy) to start the copying process

4. Remove /blog (current folder ) from the address to be copied to allowing it be copied to the root directory

5. Log in to your wordpress admin dashboard by visiting your site in this format ==> enter your log in details and hit enter => Navigate to settings / general and change the site url / wordpress address to point to your root directory ==> hit save and proceed to the next action

6. Edit your permalinks settings by navigating to settings/permalinks . N/b if you visit your root site at this point without editing the permalinks any post clicked on will return error 404 ==> edit the permalinks using exactly what you used before so as to reserve your backlink / pagerank  => hit save and proceed to the final step

7. Install “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin by going to plugin -> add new -> enter Regenerate Thumbnails in the search bar and hit enter ==> install one from the search result to restore any broken image link during the migration

Hurray , Your site is moved , now visit your root directory by entering and check over and over again to confirm every thing now works fine ==> if 100% confirmed , download a backup copy of /blog and delete all the files in there leaving the parent folder for the very last step .
8. Force Wild card redirect on your /blog to reserved your backlinks (other sites already linking to your post ) , links , category , tags and all external links. To do this Go back to your cpanel interface and click on redirect from that window redirect both and to save and close .

Now your blog is moved . No coding ! No Difficulty Involved . Your Opinion / complaints below


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