SimpleAds Mod – Best for running javascript / html Ads on Smf

For the few years I have started using smf script for my forum Simpleads mod is one of the versatile lucky mod that I have loved.

Not as if it’s the only good ads mod on the smf custom site but I have personally love the mod ‘cos of many things you can do with it.

[i]1. You can add your wibiya javascript code to your smf using simpleads mod
2. you can add flag counter javascript / html code using simpleads mod
3. You can add language Translation script (without using Language translation mod) using simpleads mod, this is necessary if you want some featured flags to show coupled with a drop down menu to help complete aliens understand you support their languages
4. You can add free php chat script (open source) using simpleads mod
5. You can add any script at all using simpleads mod[/i]

Simpleads mod comes with many option helping you to place your advert just at the very place you want it placed .

With simpleads mod you can as well run your own adverts on smf platform as it gives you the option to automatically control the time and number of impression you need for your adverts.

google adsense , ad dynamo , adbrite , bidvertiser and any other adnetwork can as well 
be used with simpleads mod .

It is actually a nice mod but the developer decided to give it out without demanding you place his credit link in the footer or any where in your smf (‘cos nowadays nobody takes a site with more than 8 credits links seriously  :Dfact)

you can view the screen shot below for possible position and option you can use for your simpleads mod

At a Glance Top


Choose Membergroup


Choose board

Remember to always do a backup before installing new mod

follow this link to download simpleads mod for advert placement on smf forum Thought Of Running Ads on Your Smf Forum? Use SimpleAds Mod

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