The 40 Siri Commands you Should Know in 2020

Siri is apple’s own virtual assistant. Siri is built into iOS, Mac OS, Apple TV OS, and Watch OS. It is one of the most used virtual assistants today, which is facilitated by the vast knowledge it houses and also its swiftness in performing tasks. A powerful virtual assistant like Siri may seem powerless if you are not well educated on its capabilities.

In this article, we exhaust a comprehensive list of 40 Siri commands. The Siri commands featured in this article are sort of the essential ones you would probably need. These commands are listed as follow:

40 Siri Commands you must know


Siri Commands For Texting and Sending Emails

Part of the vast features of Siri is its ability to manage emails and text messages on your device.  To use any of the commands listed below, you are obliged to first mention Siri’s summon phrase ” Hey Siri”  after which you are to utter the command and watch it being executed.

Being a command used to send texts and Emails to contacts, you mention the name of the contact at the end of the command to give Siri knowledge of who the text or email is intended for. E.g., I want to send a text to John. I would first summon Siri with its summon phrase, after which I will say Send a message to John. Some of the Siri commands associated with texting and sending emails are listed as follow:


  1. Send a message to [name] This command tells Siri to send a text message to a contact on your device
  2. Read my new messages – This Siri Command tells Siri to read the latest text messages from iMessages.
  3. Text [name] – This command tells Siri to send anyone in iMessages a text message.
  4. Any new email from [name]? – This command tells Siri to check to new emails from a particular contact
  5. Show me new messages from [name] –  This command tells Siri to check for new messages from a particular contact
  6. Show me new emails from [name] – This will pull up emails from a specific contact.
  7. Show me the last email from [name] – This command tells Siri to load the last mail sent by a particular contact
  8. Send an email to [name] –  This command tells Siri to turn the words you utter to text and then sent the text to a particular contact.
  9. Send an email to [name] subject [text] – The command tells Siri to turn the words you utter to text and then use that text as a subject to included in a mail to be sent to a particular contact
  10. Show me all emails from [date] – This command tells Siri to load emails from a particular received on a particular day.
  11. Delete all emails from [date] – This command tells Siri to quickly delete emails received on a particular date.
  12. Check email – This command tells Siri to check for new emails from all contacts.
  13. Read My Messages – This command tells Siri to read out your text messages.
  14. Show me last message from [name] – This command tells Siri to load text messages from a particular contact.
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Siri Commands For Using Searching The Internet For Information

Without a doubt, the most used feature of any virtual assistant is accessing searching engine on the go. Siri lets you verbally search the internet without having to type in search queries your self. Siri helps you search for videos, images, and lots more, using your voice as an activator. Below is a list of commands you can perform with Siri, to get information on the internet.

  1. Search the web for videos of [Topic]
  2. Search the web for pictures of [Topic]
  3. Search Wikipedia for [Topic]
  4. Search the web for [Topic]
  5. Search the web for news of [Topic]
  6. Show me pictures of [Topic]
  7. Show me videos of [Topic]
  8. Search Google/Bing/Yahoo for [Topic]
  9. Search Google for pictures of [Topic]
  10. What’s the definition of [Topic]?

Siri Weather Commands

Siri can also keep you updated on the weather. Just think of a scenario where you are busy getting dressed for work or an event, and you remember you need the latest weather updates, something that will influence how you get dressed that day and your mode of transportation. Siri has made the process a lot simpler. All you have to do is to yell the ” Hey Siri” phrase and use any of the commands listed below, to get the latest weather update.

  1. What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  2. Do I need an umbrella for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow?
  3. What’s the temperature outside?
  4. What’s the temperature tomorrow/this evening/tonight?
  5. Is it windy outside?
  6. What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  7. Is there a chance of rain next week in [city]?
  8. Is there a chance of rain this evening?
  9. How humid is it outside?
  10. How humid is it in [city]?
  11. When is the sunset?
  12. When is the sunrise?
  13. When is the sunset [date] in [city]?
  14. When is the sunrise [date] in [city]?
  15. What’s the weather like?
  16. Do I need sunglasses for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow
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Wrapping it UP:

Siri is a very powerful virtual assistant no doubt. We certainly didn’t exhaust all the commands you can perform with Siri. This article was meant to be a sort of eye-opener to you. It focused on some of the most important commands. If you have your personal favorite commands for phone, Mac, etc., or other useful commands you would love to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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