Simple Tips to Hack Nokia Symbian (S60) Phone easily With Norton Anti Virus

 Step1: Download NortonSymbianh*ck.sisx from either this link or this other link

Step2: Lunch It.

Step3:  Go Options > AntiVirus > Quarantine list.

Step4: Go Options > Restore All > Accept Prompt

Step5: Exit application > Delete from App manager ( Symantec Symbian h*ck ). Also delete c:shared folder

Step6: Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx
Step7: Launch and apply patches:
                – Open4all for full access to file system
                – Installserver for installing any unsigned applications
You can also Set patches to auto if needed (Options > Add to auto) i added mine to Auto.

(If “Installserver” has red cross, follow steps 8 to 14.) (If checked, reboot your phone now.)

8. Open X-Plore You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

9. Press (Menu – > Tools – > Configuration).

10. Check all Continue reading Simple Tips to Ha*ck Nokia Symbian (S60) With Norton Anti Virus

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