Shopping cart Options for Website Owners

Business owners looking for shopping cart solutions need to explore
all the shopping cart options. Shopping cart options include open source
carts, third party solutions, and total shopping cart solutions.
source shopping carts are based on the popular OS Commerce application
which are easy to install and generally do not include technical
know-how. Usually open source carts are packed with features. Typically
the interface is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. The open source is
usually a great cart for beginners to install yet has all the features
that website owners need.
The most popular third-party shopping cart solution is Paypal
which offers several shopping cart solutions for small and large
website owners. The basic Paypal shopping cart is free, but does require
that your website buyers use Paypal to pay for their purchases on your
Website. Paypal charges you a fee to use their service, but their fees
are reasonable. The Paypal cart is fairly easy to install on your
Website and easy for your visitors to use. Paypal gives your visitors
several payment optio
ns using Paypal’s secure payment system. It allows
customers to use major credit cards without disclosing financial
information, which gives your customers a real sense of security, and
trust in using your site for their purchase needs.
A shopping cart
option that is a total solution is one in which your online shopping
cart is built from the ground up to your specifications assuring that
your shopping cart will integrate with your merchant account’s
processing gateway. Make sure that your shopping cart software is
compatible with all the major payment gateways that you and your
customers will want to use.
When looking at button options for
your shopping cart consider that the Paypal button cart is best for when
you will be handling quick orders or single item transactions. The full
service cart is ideal for multiple purchases or when choices will be
given such as color or size. Google checkout button cart is used when
you allow customers to conduct transactions through Google’s secure
server, ideal for quick orders of single items. Paypal and Google make
offering checkout to your customers that are easy and secure.
a good look at your potential customers to see what shopping cart
option will be best for your website. Think about all of the different
transactions that your customers will need to conduct and make sure that
your choice in shopping cart will allow for all of these transactions.

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  2. Software used to make a site's product catalog available for online ordering, whereby visitors may select, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise is defined as shopping cart. These carts are available as standalone software or as part of hosted storefronts.

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