Retirement Gifts For A Police Officer

Retirements gifts for a police officer may more difficult to plan than you think. Well, first of all, the police officer has already taken pride in his field of work, being recognized as an upholder of the law, engaging in apprehending the troublemakers, and having a fair share of action if they get really lucky (or unfortunately perhaps).

For a police officer who is about to formally end his active duty and leave the force, there is no better way to make the retiree proud by giving him recognition and acknowledgement for his loyalty and service. Furthermore, letting everyone else know of his significant participation in keeping the society safe is the icing on top of any retirement gifts that may be given to him. As for the itemized part of such a retirement gift for a police officer, there are several ideas which may help one out in planning for a surprise.

A Service Firearm Beyond Duty
Usually the safest bet to think about as a retirement gift would have to be anything that is near or related to what he had in his environment during active service. One such item would have to be a service firearm. Definitely, the old service pistol or rifle that was issued to the retiree police officer would have to be surrendered back to the precinct along with the badge and other police things.

The Powers of a Positive Attitude

Most probably, the retiree will be missing his service pistol and might want to have something as close to his heart beyond active duty. Make sure that the retiree has a permit to have a firearm in possession, which most likely is already acquired. In relation to this, a good box of bullets would be an added plus to a retirement gift. It would definitely be better if the bullets would be customized as to having the officer’s name engraved on each bullet. Now, wouldn’t that be lovely and radical?

If the retiring officer has a privately owned firearm, a good way to add up to the arsenal would be a holster, in full leather, and with some minor customization to it such as a personal tag for identification, or slips for extra bullets for reloading as well.

On The Lighter Side

For added fun or gag, one could give a gift with a twist. Instead of the usual real-deal firearm, one may give him a personalized airsoft gun or rifle and full battle gear. This would allow the retiree officer to have some fun and enjoyment engaging in non-lethal gunfights with other enthusiasts of airsoft.

Furthermore, the retiree officer would be able to have a knack and feel on letting loose a good barrage of pellets as bullets without having to worry much about the safety and lives of those who he plays with. He may casually just fire upon the “enemies” and get shot as well but without the blood and casualties which usually accompany these types of engagements had these been in the real setting.

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Retirement gifts for a police officer may allow him to continue his passion of bearing the power and authority beyond his active duty, that without much complications of encountering bad elements in the society as a career. Remember, guns were the way to his heart for joining the force, let him continue enjoying them even afterwards.

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