Security flaw in Facebook exposes user phone numbers


Suriya Prakash, an Indian Security Researcher has discovered a serious flaw in the facebook that allows scammers to get phone numbers of millions of Facebook’s users.

If you are one of those person who say proudly i have made my number as private so i am safe, then you must read this news before shouting.

Usually, most of users change the privacy settings in the “Contact info” section in order to hide their mobile numbers from others but they are fail to realize that there is another option that expose their numbers.

In the “How You Connect” section , there is an option for “Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?”. By default, it is set to “Everyone”.

This allows people to find the Facebook profile by entering phone numbers.  A legitimate users will use this feature to find their friends in the Facebook.  But Cyber Criminals can exploit this feature to get the phone number and corresponding username.

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