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I found this great blog article with the blog owner giving right to share and link back to him, knowing fully well that this will benefit majority of this blog users who has been asking the question Of ” how do google measure invalid clicks to disable ones account , “how do google know a click from a publisher site is invalid” ” how is a click termed invalid by google ” etc. I decided to share it here

Most Adsense publisher knows that Google can detect invalid clicks
and we all know that the punishment for having invalid clicks is
immediate termination of your Adsense account. In today’s topic I will
share how Google catches someone who tries to cheat his Adsense earnings
by doing some invalid clicks.

Beware and try avoiding this. If Google caught you, they will give
a warning but sometimes they don’t,  so here are the ways Google detects
invalid clicks.

1. IP Address
This is the easiest to be recognized. If you are clicking ads that
originated from the same IP address then Google will flag your account.
Only stupid publishers will do this, because it is the most obvious way
to get caught cheating.

2. Click Through Rate ( CTR )
how google detect invalid clicksUsually, Click through rate does not exceed 10%. If it does exceed, then
the red flag is on you. Having higher that 10% is very suspicious for

3. Cookies
No, this is not the crunchy biscuits. In the old days, we have this
Blast Internet card, it is a dial up Internet connection and has no
static IP address, you just connect and disconnect you can have a new IP
address. If you plan on doing this, think again. Google has set cookies
on your computer. They can trace these cookies and see whether they
originate from the same computer.

4. Physical Location

Google is really good at tracing invalid clicks, even if you try
switching from one computer cafe to another they will still caught you
cheating. They are good with tracing traffic origins even if you live in
a small town. Google has a very good tracing software and technology.

5. Click Pattern
These are some of the click patters that most cheaters do.

Click and run. These are the clickers that click on your ads then
run away, this are suspicious because most visitors or readers doesn’t
visit your site to click ads, they usually stay and surf for a while
If the clicker is keep on clicking the same website with the same ads but never clicked on other advertisements.

6. Suspicious Search Engine Ranking

If this website is not indexed by search engines, has no backlinks on
any prominent sites, but consistently get high traffic, then it must be
suspicious and Google will smell a rat on these sites. Usually this is
operated by clicking syndicates operating from third world countries.
Their job is to click on ads to a specific site.

7. Web design

Those sites using “click this” on their advertisements are against
Google’s TOS. If you want to publish ads you should not lure visitors
into clicking your own ads.

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