Remove Google Account from Android Phone, No factory Reset

How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone ? No factory Reset Required…

Method 1:
Go to Email > Menu > Accounts > Hold finger on Account you want to delete > Remove the Account

Method 2:
You can Change your Google Account is by changing your password from a PC and then restart the phone. You will be prompted for the correct Google Accounts information. You can Change the account info there.

Method 3:

    * In Menu, and go to Settings.
    * Select Applications > Manage Applications.
    * Look for the app “Google Apps”
    * Now, select “Clear data” button.
    * Now, in the Notifications (top of the screen) you will see a new notification.
    * Select “Your account must be updated”.
    * Add new Google account information then Reboot your cell phone. 

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  1. Tolulope oni says

    I wipe my phone and it is asking for previous Gmail account, how will I remove the previous account

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