Tips to bypass the security code on a friend’s Phone without any software

Bypassing Nokia s60v1 , s60v2 , s60v3 and s60v5 Security code has been a regular practice done for fun by tech savvy dudes like us for many years now till nokia Symbian Burial Ceremony  Finally showcases itself stooping our fun without any atom of pity .

Now when i tried most of my old tricks on latest version of nokia s40 phones like the nokia c1, nokia c2 , nokia asha , nokia x2 , nokia c3 , nokia 200, Nokia 201, nokia X1-2, nokia 100 etc they all made a fool outta me . I even tried one of my favorite working solution of copying the friend’s phone imei and typing it in this website

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but that didn’t solve the problem . I resorted to using applications like noktool 1.8 , dct4 unlock etc before a friend advertised the trick I’m about to share here .

Note this site still works for nokia s40 dct4 and some other models of Nokia phones.

Now the Trick for Bypassing the security of Any Nokia Phone

I personally have only tried this in a friend’s Nokia phone and haven’t got any other chance to try it in other brands.

To get started follow this simple steps==>

Press The Send Key, then Quickly Press The RIGHT SECTION KEY (End Call Key),
And Quickly Press The CENTER KEY (Menu Key). Then the phone will Open

And will refuse to lock again till you DIAL 112 and quickly
Press The Red Key And The Phone will Lock Again.

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More tips on-

How to  Unlock/Reset your Nokia Security Code to 12345

Install the latest version of Nokia PC/Ovi Suite and NSS (Nokia Service Software) & then connect your phone to your computer with a USB data cable (always use ovi / pc suit mode).

=>Launch NSS & scan for devices using the scan Icon ==>Click the “Phone Info”, and then click “Scan” button.

It will display the details of the very phone you wanna unlock. => Select “Local” under Power mode. and Then click “Change”.

Your phone will immediately restart automatically =>from “Local Mode” across the screen of your phone Under Production Data Edit, => Locate and click the “Read” button. =>Beside the Product Code, check the “Enable” check box.

Then click “Write” button. => From this point now select “Tools” on top. And then click the “Factory Settings” tab at the bottom.

=>chooose “Full Factory” and then click “Reset” button. => To complete the whole process go back to “Phone Info”, select “Normal” under Power Mode, and click “change”.

Hurray!! your security code has now been changed to 12345, the default unlock code.

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