PayPal as a Shopping Cart Solution

PayPal is a popular payment processor that also offers merchants the ability to use a PayPal shopping cart on their Website. PayPal allows customers to send and collect payments in a secure fashion online. You can also as a merchant accept all major credit cards using PayPal including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express. When using Paypal on your Website you can also accept bank transfers, and PayPal eChecks as payment from your customers. As a Website owner you can also accept using PayPal, donations, recurring payments and also subscriptions.

If you go to other merchant accounts or payment processors you will be required to have a credit card submitted in order to have an account with them, PayPal does not require this. There are no monthly fees to use Paypal as your shopping cart solution. PayPal instead of having a monthly fee will take a small percentage of each transaction conducted using PayPal.

PayPal gives Website owner’s choices when it comes to opening an account with PayPal: personal account, premier or business account. If you are a business, than the premier or business account is your best option.

Having Paypal as your payment processor means that when a customer pays for a product or service, you receive the money into your PayPal account as soon as the buyer pays. The only time money is not received instantly by you when a customer makes a payment using PayPal is when the customer selects eChecks or bank transfer as their method of payment.

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Paypal shopping cart is convenient for you and for your customers.

As a merchant using Paypal’s business account you can get a PayPal MasterCard that works directly with your PayPal account, much like a bank debit card does. As you can see there are many benefits in addition to the shopping cart ones for choosing PayPal as your shopping cart provider.


Having a Paypal shopping cart allows you to easily keep your business account separate from your personal account.

Using PayPal’s shopping cart means your customers can purchase multiple items with a single payment. They can easily browse through your Website, and view all the items they have placed in the PayPal shopping cart before hitting the pay now button.

The PayPal shopping cart solution is a low-cost way for any online business owner to sell goods and services, accept credit cards for payment or bank payments all in an easy to set up fashion.

PayPal shopping cart is easy to set up on your Website because there are no CGI scripting involved. PayPal maintains detailed transaction records for you available in your Paypal online account. There are customizable buttons and secure payments that are sure to keep both you and your customers happy. In fact your customers will be so happy using your PayPal shopping cart that they will become your repeat customers.

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paypal main alternative is payza , liberty reserve and moneybrokers

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