How to Increase Image Resolution Quickly with Image Upscaler Tool

Image resolution means how much a picture contains pixels per inch. It is demonstrated as DPI (dots per inch), and Image quality or precision depends upon these pixels. For instance, an image of 300 (length) x 300 (height) contains 90,000 pixels. As far as the pixels in your mobile phone increases, the photo resolution increases. That's why 5 megapixels cameras are now considered reliable than 3 Read On

TVMC Download Link, Features, and How to Use Guide

TVMC can be best described as the ultimate Kodi alternative. This is facilitated by the fact that TVMC fixes one of the key causes of Kodi's complexity. Unlike Kodi, TVMC comes packed with all the third-party add-ons you will probably need to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. You don't need to go about sourcing for add-ons, add-ons automatically get installed during the setup Read On

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without a doubt is a very powerful device, designed for the power user that needs a smartphone that ticks almost all the pillars of a great smartphone. As at the time this article was written, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 featured the latest processor and one of the best display available on a smartphone. In this article, you will learn how to make your Samsung Galaxy Note Read On

10 of the Best Scary Movies on Hulu

Although scary movies may not appeal to a lot of people for very similar reasons, there is still a substantial fraction of people that design a movie that unlocks new levels of suspense. Scary movies generally are movies that feature gory scenes. Scenes that cannot be accommodated by faint of hearts. You are in the right place If you are currently subscribed to HULU and desire a list of the best Read On

4 Amazing Reasons Why Diamonds Are Valuable

Diamonds are the most famed gemstones Mother Nature has gifted us. They are so beautiful, sparkly and glittery; they resemble twinkling stars on a deep dark night. Historically, diamonds have been used as adornments in jewelry, as cutting tools due to their immense strength and hard structure, served as talismans to ward off evil and were even believed to benefit those who fought in Read On

How to Save and Invest Securely with Piggyvest Fintech App

One of the most difficult challenges faced by most people in this part of the world is to set up and maintain a healthy money-saving culture. More so, bank interests aren't enticing as they used to be in the past, and people are searching for alternative ways to save their money. PiggyVest happens to be one of the best mobile apps that lets you save money, as well as invest in flexible businesses. Read On

12 of the Best Smartphones with Octa Core Processor

The smartphone processor is the heart of every smartphone. A processor to the smartphone is like what the heart is to human beings and what an Engine is to a machine. Smartphone processor gives life to the hardware of your smartphone. RAMs affect the speed of your smartphone, but Processors are the primary facilitators of how fast your smartphone is at executing tasks. When it comes to the Read On