Best Online Sources For Downloading Drivers For Old Hardware

sourcing pc drivers for old hardwareIn this day and age, new upgrades to technology can cause havoc for those who still use old hardware devices.

These days, older hardware has been phased out in order to make way for new hardware that can do the job in half the time and effort.

However, with these new upgrades it can be problematic for those who still want to continue using their old hardware for a little while longer.

Generally, in situations such as this it results in the download of a compatible driver to make the device compatible with new technology.

For those who need to find old drivers, the following is a guide for the best online sources which are available for people to download drivers for their old hardware. Let’s take a look at them now.

Best Places To Download Old Hardware Drivers

Here are trusted directories to source for drivers and support apps for your old hardware and phase-out machines.

I’ll advice you bookmark the website or add them to a line in your ever-note copy for easy access when the need arises.

DriverGuide is a website which is designed specifically for people who are in need of specific drivers for their old hardware devices.

This website has a large database which hold an abundance of drivers, support documents and firmware. When searching and finding the drivers that you need from DriverGuide you’ll encounter:

  • Step by step processes for installing the drivers.
  • Large savings across the site on links, drivers and manufacturer information.
  • Discussion boards to talk to other members in the site’s community.
  • Driver request board for members to request specific drivers.
  • A full resource of drivers for Mac, Windows, Unix/Linux and other important platforms
  • Plus, so much more.

DriversBay is another great source that you can use to find all the different drivers and firmware for old and new hardware. Just like DriverGuide, DriversBay gives users access to an abundance of different driver and firmware downloads. When searching DriversBay you’ll:

  • Be able to search for your individual device model easily.
  • Gain access to the latest updates of drivers that are newly released.
  • Follow easy to download steps that promote effortless installation of your driver to your devices.

DriverZone gives you one of the larger driver databases on the internet. Operating since 1998, DriverZone is continuing to deliver powerful updates for new and old hardware devices.

Along with a great selection of drivers to choose from you’ll also gain access to:

  • Fast downloads for your devices including PCs, Desktops and Notebooks.
  • Access to driver downloads worth 3,100GB.
  • Drivers for all devices and models including Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1, along with printers, audio and video drivers.
  • Online technical support for those who require additional help and assistance. gives you another online option for downloading drivers for your old hardware. This site offers an abundance of drivers which enables you to easy update the compatibility of your devices.

At TechSpot you’ll:

  • Have access to support when you need it.
  • Access to fast downloading and step by step guides of drivers.
  • Easy search parameters that will allow easy search and find of the drivers you need.
  • Access to a large supply of drivers for multiple devices and operating system.
  • Access to forums to speak to others in the community.
  • Along with drivers you have access to reviews, trends, tech blogs and so much more.

Top Tips When Downloading Drivers

When downloading drivers, it’s important to follow these simple tips to make the process a successful one.

  • Make sure you follow and read all the prompts in order for you to understand everything you’re about to download.
  • Allow the download process to take time to download. Depending on the driver size, you may find it will take longer to load than others.
  • Don’t interrupt the power supply when downloading a driver because it will cut the connection.
  • Avoid doing anything else on the computer while the download is loading as it will slow the process up.

In Conclusion:

Old hardware doesn’t have to be obsolete. By taking the time to use sites such as the ones above you have a greater chance of selecting the right driver for your needs.

Remember to always double check the driver compatibility to make sure you have the right one. So have you found the right driver to download for your old hardware?

Credit: Post contributed by Bill M, owner of Jim’s Computer Services franchise in Drouin.

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