Need a mobile or Wap Forum , Sites Open Source Scripts , Cms? Try Johncms – The Full Installation guide

Johncms Full installation guide

With the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices and companies patronizing mobile adds and products  the need for wap based site becomes inevitable. Normally open source scripts like the smf , phpbb   and the rest have good mod for mobile interface but that isn’t what we gotta deal with here. we wanna consider a situation where you will have a mobile sites/forum equipped with options like
1. gallery , 2. downloads , 3. status update 4. Live users activities update , 6. Library , 7. Photo album 8. guestbook 9. live admin and etc all in one script plus option to download and install other modification depending on your personal need, in fact it’s just a complete mobile forum scripts .

Installation guide for Johncms

Just like every other open source script it isn’t difficult to install but not fewer persons encounter problem after uploading the files.
Now follow this to install johncms easily. download johncms open source script from

Just extract the content of the zip or tar file into a folder of your choice open the install.txt file you will see this instruction which is  the only instruction provided 
 then follow this tutorial here to get your full installation guide Need a mobile or Wap Forum , Sites Open Source Scripts , Cms? Try Johncms

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