Changing Android IMEI to Blackberry: Top 3 Methods to do it

This guide will walk you through the top 3 best and easy methods for changing your Android device's IMEI number to that of a Blackberry.This guide became necessary because our readers earnestly asked for it via our Facebook timeline post. We'll advice you backup your ROM and files before attempting the number three (3) method.Disclaimer: Changing your cell phone's International Mobile Read On

How to Avoid Internet Censorship on Your Android Device

I am grateful that "the tech diary" has given me the opportunity to publish this article on their blogsite. I’ve found their page to be a great resource for information related to a wide variety of topics including technology related tips and reviews.After you’re done reading, I suggest you take a look at their post on how to block Ads in Apps and make games full Offline version in Android, as Read On

10 Reasons iPhone is better than Android Phone

iPhone is better than Android; is a  debate that has raged on for years and will probably go on for years to come. Surely we all have had our 2 cent participation in the conversation making bold statements with our own reasons of why we think Apple is better than Google or Google is better than Apple.The truth of the matter is, choosing one platform over the other is a personal choice. A Read On

iRoot roots plethora of android devices with or without a computer

I just shared a post on 3ptechies forum, explaining how to root any android phone or devices with or without a computer using the iRoot app.I'll drop the excerpt for you to go ahead with it and get those stubborn android phone rooted in minutes without much stress from your end.Just thought I should update you about iRoot – an enhanced software that can root plethora of android phone and Read On

Airtel Unlimited BBM Pinging for android users introduced

My diary needed an update like this, Donvic Ameh, the owner of  vicwapblog and an avid user of our tech forum recently shared the almost free BBM pinging for android users recently introduced by the airtel Nigeria network.  I think this will really be a great encouragement to the many Nigerian youths that needs enjoy the spread of BBM messenger across the android and iOS Read On

How to download and install Android 4.4 Launcher in low end devices

This week I found a piece I thought we could all enjoy from the google android community post. It gives link and update on how one can download and install the latest android launcher app even if you are still managing an old android phone or tab.See full post below Google has just fully launched Android 4.4 but, for the moment, it is only available for the brand new Nexus 5. Among the Read On