Leaked BlackBerry10 Handset Appears to Emulate iPhone5’s Design+Video link


Photos of RIM’s first handset that will run BlackBerry 10 — the company’s next operating system, which is scheduled for release in early 2013 — landed on a Vietnamese forum this week. If the 18 photos of the device on tinhte.vn are to be believed, the L-Series, codenamed BlackBerry London, looks quite similar to Apple’s iPhone 5.
The BlackBerry-branded device in the photos has a rectangular touchscreen with a black bezel along the top and bottom of it, a la the iPhone 5. Watch the video below to learn more. In the photos, the device is powered off, so we don’t get a peek at the OS, but you can see BlackBerry 10 running on a different touchscreen device, in the pictures below.
RIM is scheduled to launch BlackBerry 10 and two new smartphones Jan. 30.

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