Latest glo tariff plan febuary 2013 — perfect for android , iphone and other regular smartphone users

A user alerted us via nairaland of the recent glo tarrif plans and old plans update and I decided to share it here after going through it one by one I discovered that it will really serve smartphone users who are only facebook and email account regulars as subscribing to any plan above 200mb automatically subscribes you to a better call tariff which should server both tecno andriod , samsung galaxy , iphone , windows mobile and other smart phone owners who aren’t data intensive users .

here the quote of the original tariff post and description :

As a responsive player in the market, Globacom has introduced five new
subscriber-friendly tariff plans targeted at prepaid customers. Three of
these plans, GISTA, Infinito and G-Bam which already exist, have been repackaged to offer more value to customers. The two other plans, Highflier and Talkfree have been introduced to address the needs of high value voice and data subscribers.


Hi-Flyer:This is targeted at the data savvy users on the network and offers them discounted calling rate when they subscribe to any data plan of 200MB & above. Further details are as follows:
· Voice:Onnet-18K/s AND Offnet-18K/s
· SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 AND Int’l-N10

TalkFree: This is a stress-free monthly plan that gives 150minutes free talktime and 150 free SMS on monthly subscription of N1,000. Find details below:
· Voice: Onnet- 15K/s after exhausting the daily free 5mins. Offnet-18K/s
· SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 AND Int’l-N10
· Monthly Freebie:150 free onnet mins(5mins daily) and 150 free onnet SMS(5 SMS daily)


INFINITO: This is the default plan on the network as it is the landing profile for all new customers. Below are the details:
· Voice:Onnet-20K/s,Offnet-30K/s,FnF-10K/s*10 Glo numbers
· SMS:Onnet-N4,Offnet-N4 and Int’l-N10

GISTA: This is a regressive price plan that allows customers pay less as they talk more daily. Details are stated below:
· Voice:1st minute-40K/s, 2nd minute onwards:Onnet-15K/s,Offnet-30K/s
· SMS:Onnet-N4,Offnet-N4 and Int’l-N10

GBAM:This is our flagship product and it is targeted at the young and young-at-heart. Customers enjoy 5MB free browsing every day. Attracts daily rental fee of N5.
· Voice:Onnet-18K/s,Offnet-18K/s,FnF-5K/s*5 Glo numbers
· SMS:Onnet-N4,Offnet-N4 and Int’l-N10
· Daily Freebie:5MB

Migration Codes

Glo Hi-Flier: No code. Just subscribe to any plan of 200MB and above
Glo TalkFree: *100*12*1#

Gli Infinito: *100*9*2#
Glo Gista: *100*15*1#
Glo GBAM: *100*5*1#

Code for Adding Family and Friends/Special Numbers

*101*1*glo number#

you can post your thoughts on this latest plans via the comment box

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