Integra Availability – Why Is It Important ?

Availability is one of the biggest aspects or criterion that helps a business organization decide on a particular telecom service provider. Of course, businesses do take care of other aspects also such as:

Cost effectiveness
Reliability and
Reputation of the telecom service provider to name a few

Availability, as the term denotes, simply stands for the amount of time that the network will be operational or available to clients through a year. Closely related terms are up-time and guarantee of service. For instance, a lot of telecom service providers talk about service level agreements which guarantee that their network will be available for a certain percentage of time and the closer this is to 100%, the better it is for the organization.

When it comes to Integra Telecom, there are many things that go into its reputation. Integra availability is one of the best as far as the industry is concerned thanks to the company’s network of fiber miles and its use of redundant and robust technology.

 Expansion of network

Integra ensures availability in many ways. Less than a year ago, Integra availability was expanded with the delivery of enterprise Ethernet services across new markets. The company normally shores up network partnerships and bulks up its fiber network in order to ensure that companies or clients enjoy a higher degree of availability of Ethernet-based services. This also meets demands for more bandwidth.

Cheap and Fast Software

 Why enhance Integra availability

There are many reasons why a company such as Integra would ensure greater and greater availability as time passes by.

One, is that business needs are growing rapidly. Aspects such as management of the data, increasing level of competition and a greater need for ensuring business continuity means that a business organization has to invest in plenty of bandwidth and robust networks.

Two, markets are expanding rapidly. Almost every business organization can reach all across the world as far as its customers, partners and vendors are concerned. Communication streams between such geographically dispersed parties needs to be effective and timely. This can be assured only with greater availability of services.

 Availability rate

One of the easiest ways in which you can assess Integra availability rates is to look at the historical performance. This performance is normally given in quite a few websites that deal with the telecom industry. Therefore, when you find that Integra has been ranked among the top 10 high availability service providers and has shown more or less a uniform rate of availability, then you know that you are dealing with a robust and technologically sound company.

 Data centers and networks

One of the crucial aspects as far as Integra availability is concerned, is the network of data centers and a well rounded portfolio of products and services. Integra availability is built upon the provision of managed and hosted services of various kinds, best of telephone equipment and other hardware and associations or partnerships with other established companies in this domain. Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to take care of almost every requirement of every client. Thus, if it makes financial sense for a company to go in for hosted services, then Integra takes care of that as well

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