How to Spoof Caller ID: Caller ID Spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing is the act of making the telephone network to display any desired (fake) incoming number on the recipient’s Caller ID display unit instead of the original one. With this, it is possible to make a call appear to have come from any phone number that the caller wishes.

Have you ever wondered to know how to perform this? Well, read on to discover more information on how to spoof Caller ID and play prank on your friends.

Unlike what most people think, an incoming call may not be from the number that is displayed on the Caller ID display unit. Because of the high amount trust that the people have in the Caller ID system, it is often possible for the caller to easily fool the call recipients and make them believe that the number displayed on the Caller ID display is real. This is all possible through the technique called Caller ID spoofing.

How to Spoof Caller ID?

You can easily spoof any Caller ID using services like SpoofCard. In order to use the spoofcard service, you need to pay in advance and obtain a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which grants access to make a call using the Caller ID spoofing service. Once you have purchased the service, you will be given access to login to your SpoofCard account. To begin with, you need to call the phone number given by the SpoofCard service and enter the PIN. Now, you will be given access to enter any phone number you want to call and also the number you wish to appear on the recipient’s Caller ID display unit.

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Once you select the options and initiate the calling process, the call is bridged and the person on the other end receives your call. The receiver would normally assume that the call was coming from a different phone number (the spoofed number chosen by you), thus deceiving the recepient into thinking that the call was coming from a different individual or organization than the caller’s. In this way, it becomes just a cakewalk to spoof Caller ID and fool the receiver on the other end. SpoofCard also provides an option to change the tone of your voice so that it can appear as a male or a female voice.

Thus, you neither need to be a computer expert nor have any technical knowledge to spoof Caller ID. For more information on this service, you can visit the SpoofCard website from the link below:

SpoofCard – Caller ID Spoofing Service

How Caller ID Spoofing works?

Caller ID spoofing is done through various methods and using different technologies. The most commonly used technology to spoof Caller ID is VOIP (Voice Over IP) and PRI (Primary Rate Interface) lines.

Today, most VOIP systems provide an option for its users to enter whatever number they want in the calling party field and this number is sent out when they make a call. Hence, it is easily possible for any user to spoof Caller ID provided they have a VOIP system and know how to properly configure it to spoof the Caller ID. However, sites like SpoofCard provide an easy and cheap spoofing services for those who aren’t using VOIP systems that they can configure themselves.

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Caller ID spoofing is possible and being performed right from the days Called ID system was introduced. However, most people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to spoof  Caller ID and make any number to be displayed on the receiver’s end. In the past, this was mostly used by telemarketers, collection agencies, law-enforcement officials, and private investigators. But today, it is available to any Internet user who wish to do this.

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