How to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

All the recently married couples in the world will agree that, after the wedding, the honeymoon is the thing they most looked forward to. Not only does it give couples the opportunity to strengthen the bond between them, but also the long waited break after the several months of running around in order to organize the wedding!

Weddings don’t come cheap, and unfortunately that can mean less money left over to spend on the honeymoon. There are, however, some tips you can follow in order to save some money but still enjoy a unique and wonderful honeymoon with your spouse.

Hunt For Discounts

First of all, arrange everything in advance – as far in advance as possible! Doing so will give you longer to find those discounts. Search online for coupon codes, Groupon deals, low season offers, and anything else you can find!

Don’t Forget To Brag!

And don’t be afraid of bragging when you board your flight. Forget about annoying people, you’re newlyweds! Tell anyone who will hear it that you’ve just got married, and you’ll increase your chances of bagging a bargain.

It’s also worth attempting to contact hotels directly – they may offer you cheaper rates without the middle man. Also let them know via email that you’d appreciate them helping to make your honeymoon special. They’ll usually make some sort of effort, whether this means a free welcome drink or even a full-blown room upgrade.

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Choose the Location Wisely

Forget about crowded and trendy tourist attractions. Choose a more secluded location, where you can be alone with your spouse and safe from the money eating tourist traps. If you’ve been dreaming of visiting a certain popular place, then, at least, choose an off-season period to get the best prices.

If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, consider staying closer to home. Shorter flights generally mean cheaper airfare, and there are probably still a fantastic number of destinations available to choose from.

Listen to the Locals

Locals always know where to find a bargain, even in notoriously expensive cities. If you’re not lucky enough to know somebody in the destination you’re visiting, then simply get online and start chatting to people that way!

The honeymoon should be just as memorable as your wedding day, so don’t forego your dream just because it’s too expensive. Instead, be organized about it. Start planning in advance, and be willing to spend time researching online, and you’ll find that there are ways to keep costs down even in the most expensive locations.

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