How to download and install Android 4.4 Launcher in low end devices

This week I found a piece I thought we could all enjoy from the google android community post. It gives link and update on how one can download and install the latest android launcher app even if you are still managing an old android phone or tab.

See full post below 

Google has just fully launched Android 4.4
but, for the moment, it is only available for the brand new Nexus 5.
Among the changes found on the latest Android version is a new and
improved launcher. The launcher now allows easy access to Google Now as
well as home screen management via simple swiping gestures. Users can
now also have an unlimited number of home screens. There are also some
revamped icons that go hand to hand with Android 4.4′s new visual look.


Just a while ago, Google made the factory image and binary drivers
for the Nexus 5 available on its Nexus support page. The factory image,
which contained Android 4.4, was an easy target for eager developers who
want these latest features on their devices as soon as possible.
Luckily for us, the folks over at XDA are a generous bunch and have made
APKs of various bits and pieces of Android 4.4 available for download.
The Android 4.4 Launcher is said to work with any Android device
running Android Jelly Bean. In order for it to work, the new Google Now
and Google Play Services must also be installed. All three packages can
be downloaded from the links below. However, there is currently a bug
with Google Search that triggers a Force Close.

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The way around this
issue is to long press the home screen to get to the Settings menu.
Select the Voice settings and change the language default to something
else. Go back Home and do any Google Search. Repeat the previous steps
but now select English – US as the default language.


Android 4.4 Launcher
Google Now
Google Play Services

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