How to Clear Skype History on Android phones and devices

If you are reading this it means you own an android smartphone and
you are possibly using Skype on your phone.

Skype is part of Microsoft
services. You can make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages and
do much more.

Recently, one major challenge people have been having
with the Skype app on their phone is that they seem not to know how to
delete chat history.

If you have plans of selling your android phone or device
anytime soon then this guide is for you.

I have noticed that many people
who use Skype on their Android smartphone seem to be searching for “how
to delete Skype history on Android.”

In response to the above, there
are two best ways to accomplish this.

The first method is to Delete Skype
history for individual contacts. To do this, just select the contact (by
tapping and holding it) and then tap on the Delete icon.

A pop up
screen will appear, asking you to confirm your action. Just go ahead to
hit DELETE! So easy right?

This will delete the whole chat history of
the selected Skype contact.

If your aim for for wanting to clear
your Skype history is because you want to sell your phone, there are
more things you should clear, not just Skype. You can clear your cache
as well.

How To Sign In Multiple Skype Accounts On A PC?

Just Go to Settings >Storage then tap on Clear Cache, that’s all! Your skype and other private information is now cleard for good.


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