How To Add A Recycle Bin To Your Flash Drive?

While working on another computer and using your own Flash Drive as a place to store and copy files, if a file is deleted it’s sent to the Windows Recycle Bin. If you’d like the extra security and peace of mind, use the iBin utility to have all deleted files sent to a Recycle Bin folder on the Flash Drive.
To use this utility download the small iBin utility, run the ibin.exe file from the flash drive, and then delete files by pressing the Windows Key + Delete. When this shortcut key is pressed, any deleted file will be sent to the Flash Drive Recycle Bin instead of the Windows Recycle Bin. Once running the utility can have its settings adjusted by opening the Custom Options through the iBin Notification area icon. All deleted files can be found through the iBin folder on the Flash Drive or by opening the iBin contain folder to display a window like the one shown below.
Tip: If you’re installing this utility on a Flash Drive with several thousand files or a drive with several GB of data it may take a few minutes to index the drive and its contents the first time it is ran.
Download and install iBin

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