Glo OGA SIM: How to Get 125% Glo Double Data

Offering huge bonuses on meager airtime recharge is one of the strategies Nigerian telecommunication networks have adopted in wooing customers. Glo, being one of the Telecommunication network giant operational in Nigeria, isn’t left out. The Glo OGA SIM package is a special package that offers Glo subscribers a %125 data bonus on all plans.

The Glo OGA SIM bonus by far one of the best bonus packages Glo has ever offered. This bonus package caters for both the new and existing GLO subscribers who have met the terms and conditions. In this article, you will learn how to get 125% double data on Glo OGA SIM.

Glo Oga sim

How Much Data Bonus Do Each Data Plan Offer on OGA SIM?

As discussed in the introductory paragraph, the Glo OGA SIM bonus offers users a 125% data bonus for all data plan purchase. However to makes thing very clear, a table on the data bonus offered for each plan is outlined below for your perusal:

Data Plan Price (N) Data Plans for New Customers (Less than or equal to 90 days on the network) Validity
50 45MB 1 day
100 160MB
200 400MB + 100MB* = 500MB 2 days
500 1.6GB + 200MB* = 1.8GB 14 Days
1,000 3.2GB + 500MB* = 3.7GB 30 days
1,500 6.25GB + 500MB* = 6.75GB
2,000 9GB + 500MB* = 9.5GB
2,500 12GB + 750MB* = 12.75GB
3,000 16.25GB + 750MB* = 17GB
4,000 18.25GB + 750MB* = 19GB
5,000 22GB + 1GB* = 23GB
8,000 36GB + 1GB* = 37GB
10,000 40GB + 2GB* = 42GB
15,000 75GB + 3GB* = 78GB
18,000 95GB + 5GB* = 100GB
20,000 110GB + 5GB* = 115GB
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How to Get 125% Glo Double Data

As mentioned earlier, the the GLO OGA SIM package is opened to both new and exisiting subscribers. All that is required is for the Glo subscriber to purchase a Glo data bundle and the bonus gets activated. However exisiting subscribers can only get access to the bonus if they haven’t purchase data before, i.e they get rewarded on their fitst data purchase.

Glo Oga Sim offer terms and conditions

  • Glo OGA SIM bonus is valid for 3 months after your first data purchase
  • You must set your data on Auto-renewal to enable you to qualify for a bonus reward on your next data bundle purchase.

Wrapping it Up:

The Glo OGA SIM package makes your first three months as a GLO subscriber a bliss of freebies. Please beware the OGA SIM bonus terminates after three months. Thereafter you will be provided the exact volume of data purchased. If you have any questions concerning what was discussed in this article, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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