Fiverr Beginners Guide

If you are looking for a quick online money-making method and you have a talent, or skill that people are willing to pay $5 for then you will definitely want to check out

Even if you dont have a talent or skill, there are many people making money with Fiverr doing things like sending postcards from exotic locations, or advertising on their cars or even body parts. It is actually humorous to browse this site just to see some of the strange things people will do for $5.

As a webmaster, I absolutely love this site because it is easy to find people who will do website related gigs such as graphic design, link building and advertising just to name a few.

Although, for only $5 sometimes you are not quite sure what you are going to get but you are only out $5 if you are not happy with the final product. Besides, buyers can always base their decision on the sellers feedback comments.

Fiverrs feedback system is similar to that of eBay. If the seller of a gig delivers what they promised in a timely manner, then buyers are urged to leave feedback for the seller. Sellers with good feedback history tend to make more sales than new sellers with no or little feedback because the buyers have more confidence that the sellers will deliver as promised.

If you want to make money with Fiverr, first determine what your talents and skills are. Can you do something relatively quickly that other people would pay $5 for? You may also want to browse around to see what other types of gigs people are making money with. You may be surprised how simple some of them are. Here is a list of ideas:

Graphic design – Webmasters and advertisers are always on the lookout for good graphic designers to design banners, ads, logos, favicon images, etc. If you are good with photo editing software you may want to consider this.

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Writing or editing articles – Blogging and article marketing these days are huge and webmasters are always looking for good quality content. If you can write good quality articles fast, you could make killing on Fiverr.

Create a video and post it to YouTube – Video is really big these days and if you have some basic video editing skills, you can offer this as a service to others.

Post comments or reviews – You could offer to post a number of comments or reviews of a product or website.

Promote a product or website to your social network – If you have a large number of followers on Facbook or Twitter, you could offer to promote someones product, website, blog, fan page, etc. to your social network for $5. These are very popular gigs on Fiverr because it results in very cheap advertising for the buyers.

Create a How to eBook or report and sell it for $5 – This one is nice because you can keep sending the same file to everyone who purchases it. You basically do the work once and profit from it many times.

Offline Advertising – Offer to post flyers or come up with other creative advertising methods for your buyers.

These are just a handful of different methods to make money with Fiverr. Hopefully you can see the value of this website and are able to use your talents and skills to quickly turn up some extra cash. Who knows, maybe you will come up with something new and creative that will be desired by many and give your bank account the big boost that it needs.

In Fiverr there are gigs (little tasks you can do) posted on many areas from funny stuff to advertising, and you can just post anything that you are willing to do for $5. And you have the chance to sell your gig to anybody in the world and deliver the job online.

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Fiverr gets $1 on each sales and you have a net profit of $4. Making money online had never been so easy provided. However, it is important to pick and post the gigs that people are willing to pay 5$. And youd better promote your gig in your blog, Facebook account, Twitter etc.

Otherwise, your gig will be lost among thousands. There are the gigs like fortune telling, article writing which can be both fun to do and at the same time it can help you to earn money quickly. You will be amazed to know that you can easily earn anything from $50 to $300 per month just by putting in a few hours of work!

You can also benefit from another gig sites where you can also post gigs, where there are no commissions deducted on your earnings which means if you sell a gig for $5, then you are refunded full $5 without any cutting.

And you can post gigs at different prices like $3, $5, $7 or $10. One another advantage is your gig is never lost among thousands because you can feature your gig to appear on the top of the main page just for a few dollars.

So, this fresh concept of making money online, the micro payment gig sites, have captured the attention of many who want to earn money from home. You can just sit at home and start earning money online and that too without any investment. You can now be a working professional at your own convenience and the make the most of making money through the internet.

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