Easiest step for ubgrading your mini-labtop From windows7 starter to ultimate

Easiest step for ubgrading your mini-labtop From windows7 starter to ultimate
I want to give you this software ‘cos i have personally helped many of my friends with it. it contains genuine keys for windows xp, windows vista and windows7 all edition ie windows7 starter, windows7 professional , windows7 ultimate and window7 enterprise.

People who need this software .    ….. you bought a new mini-laptop and suddenly discovered that you can’t change the default wallpaper that came with …….. or the personalize panel doesn’t show up ….. don’t bother yourself you can settle all of that in less than 10minutes.

  Actually there are wonderful free tools available if you only want to change your background picture or just need the personalize panel

tools like Oceanis Change Background for Windows7 and personalization setup can actually do the magic. you can download them by simply doing a google search for it with the exact keyword provided.

Now the easy step to upgrading your windows7 starter to windows7 professional, ultimate and enterprise. You don’t need snapshot for this as it is as easy as resiting abcd.

1.   Just download this tools / windows all version keygen from  mediafire

2. Lunch and select the key you actually want to use (depending on the version you want)
3. click on start menu ===== select all programs ===== click on windows7 anytime upgrade
4. choose i have an upgrade key
5. paste the key you ‘ve chosen based on the version you want
6. click on verify ======== accept microsoft terms and services from the next window
7. download upgrade========= check your window is upgraded and activated no 30days limitation.

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you can twist this steps for lower version of windows====== please let me get your comments

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