Download to unlock mtn, airtel, etisalat & glo huawei E303 modem

This is another great unlocker app I received from a friend today when I told him about my recent difficulty in unlocking my mtn huawei E303 modem.

I have successfully unlocked one today one good thing about this software is that you can unlock almost every e-series modem with it , you can choose from alcatel , zte, tcl, tct , huawei and many other modem brand from the unlocker  interface .

Note: it is neither dc crap nor universal huawei unlocker it is another great app for unlocking modem . download and learn to use the modem unlocker by visiting the stubborn modem unlock guide

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pls help . NAME: HUAWEI E303 . Imei : 867648010063582

  2. zeal says:

    A friend sent me this instruction and it worked like a charm
    Download Universal Master Code Calculator from this link so as to get the FLASH CODE

    Put the IMEI and copy only the FLASH code that you are going to use as a password.

    Download HUAWEI E303 firmware update from mediafire link here

    Unzip the file and make sure the modem is connected and it has been installed with the SIM card inside it.

    Quit the dashboard if its open and run the update, wait and when it ask you for the PASSWORD input the FLASH CODE you got from Universal Mastercode Calculator.. Wait till the update process is fully completed

  3. Anonymous says:

    867648010268504, its me Sir, the guy that called you for Huawei E303

  4. Anonymous says:

    please which sim will you put inside? the network sim or d differen network sim???

  5. Currently I'm working on getting a very cheap / free / unlimited new algorithm huawei code calculator 'cos all the free solution has just stoped working . But you can still use dc-unlocker with credits to unlock your modem

  6. Anonymous says:

    is not working

  7. Anonymous says:

    mehn ,I don't fink derez any oda way asides unlockin wif dc-unlocker, its heartbreajin doe!!! incase any1 cares to help here's my modem's imei :861862006068614 (Huawei e303 GLO)thnx in anticipation guyz

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this bro though it didn't work for my glo e303 modem I have been able to unlock my sisters blackberry phone she dumped long ago following the link in your post.

    After all it wasn't time wasted

  9. removed for spamming

  10. You're a GENIUS!!!!!!!!
    Obasi Miracle, i just unlock my modem now

  11. dami says:

    wow…. thanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    help me plis imei:860874012462864 modelo E303s-65

  13. Anonymous says:

    hi there i have glo bolt E303 with imei: 861195003230576 with s/n: X7SBYA9332817168. pls i need unlock code for it. is urgent plssssssssssssssssss.

  14. pls o need the unlocking code for my modem imei:867648010446381, model: E303s-1, s/n:U9CBYA9270926489 pls help me i've tried the universal calculator which i hv but still yet it refuse to open and it remains only 2 attempt.

  15. Pls Jemina Kindly use for all unlock code request. thanks

  16. IMEL 861862006076922. thanks for your concern

  17. Hi friends now am going to give Huawei unlocking services. The Huawei algo codes and the API keys at low price. 1 Huawei API with 100 credit =5$ =250 INR. Limited time offer.
    Contact @

  18. Anonymous says:

    pls i need unlock code for a glo E303 modem, IMEI:867648012249965. thanks

  19. Anonymous says:

    ….Plz help me unlock my mtn hsupa stick..
    Model: MF190
    IMEI: 866840015282181
    i beg you plz..

  20. Anonymous says:

    ….Plz help me unlock my mtn hsupa stick..
    Model: MF190
    IMEI: 866840015282181
    i beg you plz..

  21. jerry says:

    Thanks Obasi for the new link you just shared on how to unlock huawei e303, please can you help us out on how to unlock GLObolt hauwei modem?

  22. Help me with my huawei E303 unlock code,
    my IMEI is 868988011105647,
    my email
    Thanks for your understanding.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hey guys have been tryin to unlock my e303 glo bolt modem pls dis is my imei incase any one can help me 861195002935977 and dis is my email 07030828479 thanks waiting for u guyz reply

  24. PLS HELP ME UNLOCK huawei e303 imei:861195002929855

  25. Anonymous says:

    pls how do i unlock my glo modem E303s-1

  26. Anonymous says:

    gud a.m admin my name s Emmanuel pls i need d software to unlock my e303 modem pls i need ur help

  27. Pls i have the unlock code, now i need the steps to use my modem to unlock it or any software to unlock me e303 modem since i have the unlock code

  28. @calvin, does the modem request for unlock code whenever you insert a simcard that isn't supported?

  29. Enricher A.H. Maina says:

    pls i need unlock code for a 9Mobile E303u-1 modem, IMEI:851195006851451. Thanks

    • Gaba Zini says:

      please help with the unlocking code for E303: 861195002826440 thanks

  30. smart says:

    My is not working ooo, I have tried it for 5 times now. Pls help me is E303 with IMEI no 867648010380374 MTN modem. your software gave me this unlock code 37010232 but is not working.

    • Use the details below:

      NEW ALGO CODE :83326396

      OLD ALGO CODE :37010232

      FLASH CODE :43936784

      Enter the New Algo Code and ignore the rest.
      Do not forget to leave a feedback if it works for you

      • Olatunji Johnson says:

        thanks,i will

      • Aro Samson says:

        hello brother my name is samson, please i want to know how to unlock a modem pls

  31. cornel says:

    please sir can you help me unlock my airtel modem Please.

    model: E303

    Serial No G8GBY1432601990

    IMEI: 862565026049832

    • does it request for unlock code when the unsupported sim card is inserted in it?

  32. OSENI ISMAILA says:

    PLS HELP UNLOCK THIS 868988011171805 E303

    • does it request for an unblock code when an unsupported netwo

      rk’s SIM card is inserted in it?

  33. Akoje Gift says:

    pls help me to unlock my mtn modem E303 with IMEI 867648010090882, pls help me with the code

  34. Akoje Gift says:

    how can i get the code

  35. darel leting says:

    I tried (unsuccessfully) for the following modem and details
    Model No. : E303s-1
    IMEI : 864567011589804
    NEW ALGO CODE : 16359436
    OLD ALGO CODE : 55047246
    FLASH CODE : 42054441

    Anything I’m missing here? I used HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer to write all the codes but it gave the message: ERROR

    • does it request for an unlock when you insert a wrong network sim?

      • darel leting says:

        I get the message along the lines of ‘use only authorized SIM cards’

        • Probably a customized firmware, you can use dc-unlocker services for it

          • darel leting says:

            Thanks anyway. Dc Unlocker needs paying for; the reason I was thinking of a hack in the first place was to avoid that option – I mean, I would simply buy a Modem that’s not tied to any network if money wasn’t the issue

  36. ngwa sylvester says:

    pls i need to flash my E303s-1, imei 868988011040760 i want it work with all the network, please i need unlock code

    • does it request for an unlock code when the wrong sim card is inserted?

      • Gaba Zini says:

        please help with the unlocking code for E303: 861195002826440 thanks

  37. dockey says:

    Pls help me unlock E303 with IMEI no 861862005942405 glo modem.

  38. b-dice says:

    mine is etisalat huawei e303u-1 imei;861195006200626,s/n;x7sbya9382500264

  39. Noshi Merry says:

    Hi Guys,

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    Unlocking Solution available for Huawei E8372h, Huawei E8377, Huawei E3372H, Huawei MTS827F, MegaFon M150-2, Huawei E3372h, MTS 8211F, 8210FT, 8210F, 8211F, Huawei E5573Bs-320, Huawei E8372H Wingle Altel, Huawei E8377, 827F, MTS 827F, MTS 829F, MegaFon M150-2, Huawei E5573s-606, Huawei B310, Huawei B310s, Huawei B310S-22, Huawei B310S-925, Huawei B310S-927, Huawei B315S-22, Huawei B315s-607, Huawei B593, Huawei B315s-936, Huawei B593s-12, Huawei B593s-22, Huawei B593s-31A, Huawei B593s-42, Huawei B593s-82, Huawei B593u-91, Huawei B593u-501, Huawei B593u-513, Huawei B593s-516, Huawei B593s-601, Huawei B593s-931

    You can also get Latest Firmware, unlocking services

  40. Khyla Marie says:

    HOW TO UNLOCK?? can i have the link Huawei B315s-936 thanks :)
    have a great day

    • does it request for an unlock code when you insert an unsupported sim?

      • Khyla Marie says:

        unfortunately, NO… can i ask for the procedure on how to unlock the B315s-936 ? or step by step in unlocking my modem? thank you so much…
        more power :)
        have a great day

  41. DESTINY says:

    pls help me to unlock etisalat modem
    E303 IMEI .861195002658744 S/N X7SBYA9330821591

    • does it request for an unlock code when the unsupported network simcard is inserted?

  42. Colins Fives says:

    Nice job

  43. quadriano says:

    Pls help me to unlock my huawei modem E303. IMEI:868988011975452. S\N:u9cbya92b2311563….Pls I need it urgently

    • Does it request for an unlock code when you insert the wrong network SIM card to it?

  44. happyboi says:

    am having a glo bolt i relly need to unlock it

    Model No. : E303s-1
    IMEI : 867648012390538
    NEW ALGO CODE : 14667983
    OLD ALGO CODE : 49643516
    FLASH CODE : 56137806

    • That model uses a custom firmware, you will need download the latest version of DC-unlocker to attempt unlocking it

  45. pls i need the unlocking code for my modem etisalat

  46. Eze Pascal says:

    i am having an 9Mobile modem which you have sent me a 12 digits cord to unlock but it is requesting for 16 digits before the ok symbol will show.pls what will i do.god bless u

  47. ignatius phiri says:

    please help me unlock my moderm wifi huawei e8231

  48. idowu mide says:

    Pls i need network unlock code for etisalat zte mf65
    It request for 16digits
    Imei-867307016498223 pls i will count on you
    Pls nd pls 08072958513

  49. godwin says:

    please help me unlock
    model E303u-1
    IMEI: 861195006825828

  50. simon says:

    please can you help me unlock my airtel moderm with IMEI 867612008853701

  51. Mbek Emmanuel O says:

    MY IMEI:861424012418372

  52. snazzydoa says:

    please I have both etisalat modem n airtel modem that need unlock n flash codes. the etisalat is e303u-1 while the airtel is e173u-2

  53. onyia ugochukwu says:

    help me no this imei 862565025892562

  54. Ige omobolaji says:

    Pls help me Unlock my Glo bolt modem E303
    IMEI: 867648012326607
    When I put another simcard it is not asking for Unlock codeooo
    But I have the Unlock and flash code generated from the calculator……..Thanks

  55. dbaker says:

    IMEI: 861862005998274




  57. CHIJIBEST says:

    I want to crack my artel modem, how do I go about it.

  58. kwame says:

    pls help me with my nck modem type:TCT MOBIL Model:X230e-2LATTE3-1 IMEI:867612009022396

  59. Adex says:

    I want to unlock ZTE MF667 With imei 860014017944646 and Huawei Mobile wifi E5336 With imei 868989020187485. Very urgent pls get back to me as soon as possible thanks

    • does it request for an unlock code whenever you insert an unsupported network SIM?

  60. Ade glo says:

    please can u help me also IMEI 861862005807814 Device name E303

  61. MR GOSPEL says:

    i followed ur steps correctly nd created a new nd old algo code including a flash code, bt after downloading the d.c unlocker i still followed the steps bt non of the codes can unluck my modem. what should i do sir? IMIE>356052041994717

  62. Breezy says:

    Please, how can I unlock my

    Model: E303u-1

    IMEI: 861195004391211
    Serial No:X7SBYA9370514097

  63. Yemi tunde says:

    I need to unlock my glo modern imel number is 359479031161592

  64. Yemi tunde says:

    E156G yemi

  65. Saleem says:

    I need to unlock my HUAWEI E303S-1 modern imel number is 868988017626828


  66. Ibrahim says:

    pls can you help me unlock my airtel modem with Model Number: E153u-1. IMEL: 356342040448124. S/N. KMA7NA1112509115.

  67. dj skinyanyan says:

    pls hi need ur help to unlock my model etisalat imel.862591017108718 EAN.6934933044791 so if hi put my mtn sim it we ask 4unlock code so na d code hi need nw pls ooooo

  68. Yahaya Abubakar says:

    Hello my boss, please help me unlock my MTN HUAWEI model broadband E303
    Model: E303i-2
    IMI: 867114020725470
    S/N: K7SDU16606011038
    Thanks boss!!

    • does it request for an unlock code when you insert an unsupported network sim card?

  69. prince says:

    Pls, could you help me with mine? Its huawei broadband e 303 model: E303u-1
    Imei no: 861195007166479
    It requested for an unlock code after inserting an unsupported network sim card

    • Your unlock code is 34914467 or 63133851 or 59653502 (depending on the firmware version). The first or second code should work for newer. Do enjoy the rest of the day Prince.

  70. Samuel says:

    PLEASE, how do i get my modem IMEI no and the rest?

  71. matin derrick says:

    Good day sir i want you to help me unlock my MTN Huawei broadband modern
    Huawei mobile Broadband
    Huawei E3531 IMEI: 867424021729961
    Model E3531s -2 S/N: D7L7S15905006818
    » Unlock code: 64520677
    » Flash code: 42805758

  72. Emmanuel Abedu says:

    Please sir help me to unlock my HUAWEI GLO moden
    Here is my ; IMEI 868988015871178
    MODEL; E303s-1

  73. Kvng_Rhey says:

    please sir I would appreciate it if you help me out here.. Modem requesting for RCK code
    Tct mobile

  74. GI HILAIRE says:


  75. Fredoom says:

    FOR THIS HUAWAI MODEL OF MODEMS: B153WebCube,B183,B260,B260a,B593u12,B960,B970,E122,E153,E155,E1550,E1551,E1552,E1553,E155X,E156,E156B,E156C,E156G,E156X,E158,E159,E159G,E160,E1609,E160E,E160G,E160X,E161,E1612,E1615,E1616,E161E,E162G,E1630,E1632,E166,E166G,E169,E1690,E1962,E169G,E170,E170G.E171,E172G,E173,E1731,E1732,E17u-1,E1750,E1750C,E1752,E1756,E176,E1762,E76G,E177,E180,E1800,E1803,E180G,E180S,E181,E1815,E182,E1820,E1823,E182E,E1831,E188,E196,E2010,E216,E219,E220,E226,E22X,E23O,E270,E271,E272,E303,E3131,E3231,E3256,E3272,E3276,E3276-920,E3351s-2,E352,E353,E3531,E353Ws,E353Ws-2,E355,E357,E362,E367,E368,E369,E372,E392,E397,E398,E4011,E510,E5330,E5330As-2,E5330Bs-2,E5330Bs-6,E5331,E5331s,E5331s-2,E5331Ws-1,E5332,E5332s-2,E5336,E5336Bs-2,E5336Bs-6,E5336s-2,E5372s-22,E5372s-32,E5372T,E5372Ts-601,E5373,E560,E5776,E5776s,E583,E5830,E5832,E5838,E583c,E585u-82,E585v2,E586,E586e,E589,E589u,E58XX,E612,E618,E620,E630,E630+,E660,E660A,E800,E8231,E870,E880,E960,E968,E970,EC5377u-872,EG162,EGI62G,EG6062,EG602G,EM770,F615,F615-U20,GE161,HILINK, Huawei823F,K2540,K3515,K3517,K3520,K3562,K3565,K3710,K4510,K4511,K4605,K5005,Megafon M100,Megafon M150-1,Megafon M21-4,Megafon R100-3 Russia,MTC 423s,MTC 822F,MTC822FT,MTC823F,MTC824FT,R201,R205,R206,R207,R208,R USSIA MegaFon E3272S,4011,UMG587,UMG1691,UMG181,UMG1831,Vodafone K2540, VodafonK 3515,Vodfone K3520, Vodafon K3565,Vodafone K4510,Vodafon K4511,VodafoneK4605,Vodafone 4605,Vodafone K5005 and so on….


    L100,L800,M800V,S220L,W800Z,X020,X030,X060,X060S,X070S,X080S,X090X,X100X,X150X,X200S,X200XX210S,X215S,X220X,X225L,X225S,X228L,X230X,X300X,X310X,X500X,X520X,Y280X,Y580D,Y800,Y800Z,Y855 and so on….


  76. Aliyu Muhammed says:

    Please help me to unlock my huawei modem
    Model: EG162G

  77. ADEWALE says:

    Pls Unlock my smile R702 modem
    iMEI: 359241043039996
    S/N : QBG7151060
    4G lte

  78. Abubakar aliyu says:

    pls help me to unlock my Vodafone mobile wifi r207 router E5330
    i use dc unlocker it still not open and also I use universal master code stil not open pls help
    model R207
    imei 353604069133470

  79. Ihsan Hamraz says:

    how to unlock etisalat modem E 0700

  80. Iyanu Fakune says:

    Where can I download this app

  81. Abiso James says:

    Sir can u help me unlock my glo modem
    The imei is 356420047600382

  82. Bwise says:

    pls sir help me unlock my etisalat moderm
    the IMEI is 357260030055700

    • ZTE or Huawei and does it request for an unlock code whenever you insert another network sim card?

  83. Philemon Shedrach says:

    Pls help me unlock my E303;
    IMEI: 861195002989636
    IMEI; 867648012541239

    thanks you.

    • What network and does it request for an unlock code when you insert another network simcard into it?

  84. Miracle temmy says:

    Help me to unlock huawei Mtn phone 861587031732377 model lua-lo1

  85. Lionel Pals says:

    Hi, pls my mtn Huawei mobile broadband E303 does not support other networks. Pls help me out , because it Tigo sim I have . IMEI 868988011605562
    SERIAL NUMBER U9CBYA92B2215379. Thanks

    • Does it request for an unlock code whenever you insert an unsupported network’s SIM card into it?


    pls where can i download this software for pc windows

  87. anthony says:

    pls can I use a modem to make and received call, and I need to download the cracking apps, help me out

    • You can use your modem for calls by enabling the function and then using their official software interface

  88. george says:

    how can i download the software

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