Archive Calendar Widget For Blogger – 2 Themes

 You guys needed more tutorials? There we go with yet another unique and interesting h*ck for blogger Archive Widget. You can see at our sidebar area that the default BlogSpot archive widget is transformed into a WordPress Type Archive calendar with custom styles and flavors. The easy script and stylesheet today will enable you all to create a calendar archive gadget for your blogs using MBT’s custom style sheets for Dark and Light backgrounds. The script is coded by phydeaux3  and redesigned by MBT with custom colors and more easy installation. The plugin has been made compatible and easy to implement. Just follow the basic steps below.

Install Archive calendar on your Blog

    Go To Blogger > Layout
    Chose Blog Archive widget which is available in Blogger’s default widget directory. Switch to next page in the directory to find it Continue ReadinArchive Calendar Widget For Blogger – 2 Themes

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