App Transfers iTunes Songs to Spotify in Seconds

 Many of us listen to music on our iPhones everyday. To do so, we often switch between the Music app, for music from our iTunes libraries, and the Spotify app. This back and forth can get annoying. Luckily, M2S for Spotify has come to the rescue. With the app, users can send their songs to Spotify right from the iOS device. Best of all, the Spotify music library is updated in real time.

Created by Neuron Industries, the $0.99 M2S for Spotify app was initially rejected by Apple. In fact, according to the app’s creators, the Cupertino giant rejected it eight times.

To understand what M2S for Spotify does, it’s important to first see what it doesn’t do. For one, your music files aren’t actually pushed to the Spotify app. Instead, the app sends metadata to Spotify. In other words, your music is matched to Spotify’s database and becomes streamable anywhere that the service is available. Additionally, you must be a Spotify Premium subscriber. This package is $9.99 per month. Continue Reading App Transfers iTunes Songs to Spotify in Seconds

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