About Obasi Miracle

Obasi Miracle Obasi Miracle Is a seasoned developer and web artist that is very passionate about tech, internet and mobile gadgets.

This blog was created to serve as a public dairy where I share tips, tech advice, reviews, opinion and sundry.

Don’t be surprise when you see me write about how technology has improved my relationship, traveling experiences and all those fun stuff here.

I will update you with tips once in a while but will be always frequent at 3rd Planet Techies’ Blog.

More about me

Apart from blogging and regular sharing of tip, I burn my time doing web2.0 consultancy services, websites development and web graphics.

My personal hobby is sports & sporting events which explains my reason for being a big fan of Real Madrid & Arsenal Football Club.

I have over the years established my self as one of the people’s favorite when it comes to web  development,  designing and tech related services in “Bonny Island” a small town in Rivers State, Nigeria , West Africa where I live Currently.

My passion for ict has given me the opportunity to build several online presence including the Techies Forum I created for the sole purpose of helping people get acquitted with computer technology awareness free.

Over there at the forum We have manged to help a lot of people get their computers , modem & gadgets function the way they want it to, providing free unlocking services for blackberry, Iphone, modem and all kind of devices.

I have also provided  several web-based services to major clients like Pelgreb Nigeria Limited and host of others.

I have been able to show good trust and professionalism with my distant clients who sends testimonies to my mail frequently thanking me for good & prompt  service delivery.

You can always contact me for any computer technology related project / services.

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