How to stop automatic updates over 3g on any andriod phone

Day in day out I get complains from users about how quickly they exhaust their 1gb airtel bis android cheat data plan .

The complains comes mostly from tecno android phone users and few gionee , infinix and htc droid smart phone users .

To avoid explaining same thing to every user on request I have  decided to create this easy tutorial .

Recently I have discussed on a blog post how you can make all downloads on your android phones through opera mini instead of the usual google play store so as to save data, as well as comprehensive 10 tips you can use to drastically reduce mobile phone 3g data plan usage to the barest minimum on Ipad , Iphone , Android phones / tabs , windows mobile and nokia s60v3 , v5 & v2   smartphones .

Now to switch off completely any form of data waste on your android as a student / low income earner all you need do is carefully follow all the tips already discussed above along with the automatic update tips I will be dropping below, I will also have to inform those of us who just started using the tecno n3 , n7 , t1 , t3, t5 , d3 , gionee android , infinix & etisalat gaga that this range of phones aren’t in any way different from other android phone brands .

Android is an open source operating system owned by google sourced from the popular linux operating system , So any phone , devices / hardware manufacturer can decide to use it ….. so when used the phone / devices automatically becomes an android device … I’m saying this so that you ‘ll just mention android to me next time you are contacting me instead of spelling out samsung galaxy , s11 , s111, samsung galaxy note , sony Ericsson  experia 10 , tecno n7 etc. they are all powered by the google android operating system.

Now switching off automatic update of application / background program on your android phone simply open the market / google play store app from your phone home screen or menu , when opened click menu == hit settings and
1. Check the box that indicates ” update via wi-fi (wireless network ) only and
2. uncheck   the box that indicates ” update application automatically “

when on almost zero data bundle left you can simply turn off the “background data ” to save more megabytes (mb) of data .

N/B: this is not limited to the airtel network as specified in this post , it works for both mtn , glo (globacomm) etisalat , multi-links and starcomms sim , usim , microsim and regular sim cards

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