A Buyer's Guide To Phones For Streaming Videos

Everyone has a different priority when they choose their phone. Some may be looking for a great camera experience, others for a superb set of business functions. Those that are looking for excellent streaming should be looking at a number of criteria. These are specifically geared towards the display, the technology involved for connectivity, and the storage capacity.

The display

Normally, streaming is much better when you have a big display. Phones that have sub 4.5 inch displays will be less entertaining when you are watching movies as there is less screen to see. You’ll probably also want a high definition screen that can provide the best possible pictures with the best possible pixel density.


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Internet connectivity and processor

Of course, the technology inside the phone will dictate how speedy the processing is and how fast you can stream. Going for a phone with a quad core processor and 4 G as well as 3 G will provide the opportunity to stream fast, to swipe through applications seamlessly and to fully enjoy your films, sport, and TV.

Storage capacity

If you are looking to stream movies or download and watch, then of course, you will need plenty of memory to do so. About 10% of phone users use more than 16 Gigabytes. Therefore, you will need a lot more than that. If you are going to be a heavy consumer of data, then a memory card is always a good option. A micro SD slot is available in many phones these days and it provides the opportunity for you to slot in and play. In addition, you can download and have multiple SD cards through which to watch offline. If you are going to an area where your connectivity isn’t great despite the technology on board, you can still view your movies.

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The best phones according to these criteria are probably the following; the Samsung Galaxy S3, the LG Optimus G and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD.


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These 3 phones fit the bill and provide all the technology required to have all the excellent streaming experience.

They also look great. The Samsung is an attractive phone; premium, top end, and one of the best ever built. The LG Optimus G is a recent offering that provides a flashy angular look and is the best phone from LG ever. Of course, the offering of Google Nexus 4 in partnership with Google, may be a little better. It depends on your view point.

Motorola have rejuvenated themselves after their partnership with Google; the Droid Razr Maxx HD is a terrific phone that ticks many boxes and perhaps has one of the best displays in the world for watching streamed media.

There are of course other options on the market that provide a good experience, but in my opinion these 3 phones are what you should be looking for. In addition to all of the above criteria, they are also thin, providing a nice easy grip while you are enjoying your viewing experience. If you already own one of these phones but your current network contracts are less than attractive then it is a simple matter of asking your current provider for a PAC number and changing networks.

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Phil Turner has changed networks several times and has always found that it is much easier than he anticipated. He has never had a problem getting a PAC number from the old network.

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