2go Guide- How To Connect and Activate Facebook 2go Gateway And Chat With Friends

 This was my very pick for today being a person that have many 2go crazy pals. This guide should help you easily link up your facebook account to 2go so you can easily chat with them on the go.

The tutorial was posted by master Innengisa and goes this way;

How To Connect Facebook Gateway To 2go With the facebook gateway menu provided by 2go, one can easily connect his/her facebook account to 2go, thereby enabling the user to chat with facebook friends while still in 2go mobile messenger.

The following steps shows how you can connect your facebook account to 2go.

>>Go to facebook.com and login with your info.

>>Click on ‘profile’ in your facebook page.

>>Then click on ‘info’, there you would see something like ‘facebook.com example.example’

>>Copy the exact words you see after facebook.com. For the above example, you would copy, ‘seun.king’

>>Then login to your 2go account.

>>Click on ‘settings’, then ‘gateways’. Click on ‘facebook gateway’

>>In the facebook username box, enter what you copied. E.g, seun.king

>>Then enter your facebook password.

You should see something like ‘registration successful’. Enjoy!!  

Source and discussion link: Techies Forum

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