10 Health and Fitness iPhone Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

We've all heard—or rather, read on a blue-lit screen—that smartphones are wrecking our health. And indeed, they're packed with moreish social media and immersive games that can keep us fixed to the couch for hours—and then deliver calorie-packed takeaways right to our laps with the swipe of a few screens.But once you finally crash out of Candy Crush and wipe the pasanda off your screen, Read On

Israel: The Holy Land Of Biotechnology

When it comes to cutting-edge scientific research, fast-pace growth and development, and entrepreneurial daring, no one does it better than Israel: the Holy Land of Biotechnology. Whether it is bioreactors, animal vaccines, life-saving medical devices, revolutionary drug-delivery techniques, pioneering stem cell research, or brain cell therapies, the pace of innovation in Israel's biotechnology Read On