10 Best Strategy Games for Android and iOS

Strategy games are a fun away to put our intellectual prowess to the test. Essentially, strategy games are leadership based games, that require decision making from the player. It a far cry from the regular action games as you won't get combat combo keys. A typical strategy game will require you to build resources, build an empire, train an army, and then proceed to conquer other kingdoms. The Read On

12 Best Monster Truck Games for Android and iPhone

Essentially, a monster truck features a relatively bigger chassis when compared with other trucks or cars. They feature high power and are capable of scaling through tough terrain. In the virtual world, monster trucks do lots more. we have monster trucks that have fire-power and lots more. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best monster truck games. This article streamlines the Read On

Top 30 GTA 5 Visual Game Cheats for PlayStation and Xbox

Hello guys, I know you have been looking for a way to crack the GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) video game and play it to your satisfaction. I think your worries just got solved.I have taken a good time to find out some of the most important cheats of the GTA5 in PS3/PS4 (PlayStation) and also on Xbox 360 (The code and the effects).The always popular PlayStation 2 is now outdated, so it didn’t Read On