How to restore lost or deleted contacts on Android Devices

recover contacts on android

Hello readers, in this article you will find all the resourceful information for the worst case scenario of losing your contacts accidentally. Do you use a Windows OS on your PC? If yes, then you must be familiar with the Recycle bin. It’s where the deleted files are stored unless you “permanently” delete them. There are different methods to swipe clean the files on your PC like Shredding Read On

Introducing Movavi Video Converter for Mac

movavi converter for mac

Today with the development of technology we do not require much struggle to find the best technique for any work. Like, earlier it was difficult to use files in our computer because not all of them were useable, proper converter were expensive. But now there are many good converters available in the market and you can find them online very easily. But, which one is good converter for your Mac Read On

Glo BUMPA Tariff Plan Gives 200% Bonus, Data on Recharge

glo bumpa tariff plan

Glo BUMPA is a special tariff plan from Glo Nigeria that gives users 200% bonus on airtime recharge and Data bonus  on data bundle subscriptions of NGN2,000 and above. The Glo bumpa tariff plan rewards Glo prepaid subscribers with 200% (3 times) bonus on every recharge of NGN100 and above. Below is an extract from the frequently Asked question (FAQ) section of the Glo bumpa call tariff plan Read On

Memory Card Buying Guide | 4 Tips to buy a Good SD card


SD card is installed on almost every smart phone, Video camera, Mp3 players & portable devices of today, here's 4 tips On how to buy a good Memory Card for your electronic devices. As already stated, Memory cards are used in portable devices like cameras, phones, laptops, camcorders, and eBooks amongst others. First, what is the function of a memory card or secure digital (SD) Read On

How to buy Recharge Card (airtime) from GTBank Account in seconds

gtbank mobile recharge

You can buy recharge card from your GTBank account in seconds using only USSD code & without the need of a data (internet) access. This means that your Nokia touch or even Chinese mobile devices with USSD function can be used to buy airtime in seconds without any effort from your end. All you need do to be able to buy a recharge card of any amount from your Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Read On

5 Ways to Improve your Computer’s Performance


No doubt, Slow or sluggish computers can be extremely annoying. Oftentimes, they delay your work and may not allow you meet deadlines. In many cases, it may be because there is no enough space in the hard disk or too many background programs. These situation can get you really frustrated to the point of feeling like to smash your PC or Laptop. Please don’t, instead use the 5 tips below to speed Read On

Wi-Fi Theft Prevention: How to Secure Wi-Fi Internet Connection


  You may be expending so much on your Wi-Fi subscription monthly. Unfortunately, you don’t get to use the Wi-Fi to surf the internet before it expires. This can be very painful. Alternatively, your Wi-Fi connection may be very slow. One of the contributing factors to this is that someone may be stealing your Wi-Fi. Therefore, the owner of the Wi-Fi Router have to act fast to stop Read On

Block Ads in Apps, make games full Offline version in Android with Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK options

Lucky Patcher APK is the best app for blocking ads in Android games and/or apps, making games full offline version, stopping license verification & In-app purchases, improving battery life and many more tweaks. Believe me, this app is unrivaled and works extremely well on both low-end and high-end android devices as long as they are properly rooted (see how to root android with/without Read On

Sponsored Reviews, Advertorials & Promotional Post – any room for it?


3rd Planet Techies is focused more on dishing out quality contents that will benefit our readers than feeding bots with links and /or improving your website SERP and ranking. We understand that - you need a decent authority for your domain and pages, but that shouldn't be done at the expense of quality, trust and professionalism. We decided to make this post public in order to scare aware Read On

10 Reasons iPhone is better than Android Phone


iPhone is better than Android; is a  debate that has raged on for years and will probably go on for years to come. Surely we all have had our 2 cent participation in the conversation making bold statements with our own reasons of why we think Apple is better than Google or Google is better than Apple. The truth of the matter is, choosing one platform over the other is a personal choice. A Read On