iRoot roots plethora of android devices with or without a computer

I just shared a post on 3ptechies forum, explaining how to root any android phone or devices with or without a computer using the iRoot app.

I'll drop the excerpt for you to go ahead with it and get those stubborn android phone rooted in minutes without much stress from your end.

Just thought I should update you about iRoot – an enhanced software that can root plethora of android phone and devices with or without a computer.
iRoot is an improvement on the vRoot software that recorded up to 90% success rate in rooting of android phone and devices.
iRoot was updated to include iRoot apk (iRoot.apk) for rooting directly from your android devices without connecting it to a computer machine and iRoot executable (iRoot.exe) for rooting directly from your PC via a USB connection cable.
Either ways, the iRoot software is a great all-in-one root tool with support for newer and older android devices, even less-popular brands of android phones can be rooted with it.
I already tried it on Gionee, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and Mercury. You can report other devices in this thread to help others find what phones the iRoot app can root easily.
Download Links
For iRoot apk, follow this link
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Oxwall Design, Development Services - Top 4 Freelancers for it

Oxwall is one of the fastest growing content management system (CMS) around today, owing greatly to the majority of stuff you can craft with it.

From social networking site, interactive forum, video sharing blog, social games to auto-blogging website, chat platform, dating website and student's portal, Oxwall CMS offers these and many more just in a single installation.

Things can get really turbulent for a beginner starting out with Oxwall Software as there isn't as much free tutorials as it is with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and SMF.

We're presenting to you - list of top 4 freelancers and top-notch programmers that can help you make your dream site come to reality "without paying through your nose".

1. Jake Brunton

Jake Brunton is a United States (US) based developer who is very vast with Oxwall development, maintenance and design services. He's developed some free and premium plugins, themes and modules.

You can get-access-to most of his plugin at the Oxwall Plugin repository via FoxTechs. He's friendly, down-to earth and very honest when working for clients.

2. Obasi Ebenezer

Obasi Ebenezer is a known Oxwall ardent, he's written lots of top-notch tutorials covering Oxwall development, design, maintenance and optimization.

A look through the Oxwall tutorials category of his tech blog will prove to you he's no learner when it comes to coding with Oxwall. He's also written some articles for 3rd Planet Techies including that of Oxwall revolution theme review and top 10 Oxwall plugins.

Arvixe LLC, one of the reputable, reliable, affordable and  top-notch US-based web hosting services provider with state of the art web servers featured one of his tutorials on Oxwall forum's customization

The bottom-line is that I know so much about Obasi Ebenezer who has taken his blogging and web development services to a great feet. He recently got in touch with me about Evomec job posting, a company that deals majorly on shoreline protection and equipment leasing services.

He's a very friendly developer and offers his cheapest Oxwall design and development services via Fiverr, Elance and

3. Anthony Olajide Ogundipe

Anthony Olajide Ogundipe is a renown developer, he's very vast and efficient with Oxwall Software, Joomla, Drupal and custom web application.

Trust me, he can breathe live and freshness into your Oxwall website, saving you the stress of trying to do it yourself in years, where Oxwall fails, he can code a plugin and / or module to tell it how and why to behave fine.

He offers his design and development services via

4.Stanly Stephen

Stanly Stephen is an Indian based website developer and Social media marketer. He's robust when working with Oxwall and can handle effectively, services on Oxwall and social media marketing (SMM).

You can always count on his social media promotion, advertisement and Oxwall design services. He offers his freelancing services via Facebook and
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Top 12 Best Technology Tutorial Blogs

Here today, I am presenting you with a near-perfect list of top 12 technology tutorial blogs you should have in your bookmark.

I tried to make my list accurate by removing those gossip, news and hoarse blogs that provides little or no value to tech addicts like me.

#1. Smashing Magazine

I started using smashing magazine as early as 2011 and till now they are still providing only high quality technology tutorials that leaves no room for questions.

Smashing Magazine tops the list of my bookmark when it comes to the best tech tutorial blogs around, their articles are usually written in a very professional manner, they cover numerous categories such as; typography, android, ios, graphics, wordpress, blogging and etc.

#2. Noupe

From a guest standpoint noupe might sound very awkward, I myself being a regular visitor of noupe can confidently recommend it as one of the most resourceful blog to get real tech digest as a web designer, developer or even as a blogger.

They aren't like other news blogs around but do offer something really different when it comes to designer's tutorial and updates.

#3. WP Beginner

As the blog's name and theme implies, WPbeginner  is the most resourceful tech blog for wordpress open source CMS platform users.

It is one great spot for tutorials on plugins, themes, server management, wordpress caching, design, wordpress SEO and many fundamental wordpress recipes.

Even as a normal blogger or tech enthusiast adding WPbeginner to your bookmark will enhance your proficiency when it comes to working on site's powered by wordpress software.

#4. Brian Gardner

If you just started visiting Brain Gardner recently, you might argue with me about listing it here. Brain Gardner's blog has been a backbone to many wordpress users over the years, mostly we Genesis framework users can't really thanks him enough as he never lack a code snippet to share.

The blog has provided several customization tutorial and even free themes for bloggers using the CMS  platform. You should add it to your list 'cos you won't regret taking that step.

#5. How-to Geek

It comes as no surprise at all as how-to geek has proven over and over again to be the best tutorial blog covering technology guides relating to Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Software, Hardware, Internet and other operating system hacks.

Among tech lovers it's one of their favorite 'cos the editor has maintained a track record of writing from his heart and providing only realistic tutorials too.

#6. My Blogger Tricks

Renown to be one of the most popular blogger powered technology blog that provides real tutorials when it comes to blog development, design, customization, blogging tips, SEO and business development mybloggertricks has built a strong reputation for itself that has survived all these years.

It will be a taboo not having it in your bookmark as a CMS platform user .

#7. Digital Inspiration

When ever real quality how-to tutorials on computer software, blogging, mobile apps, design, video tutorials and Search Engine Optimization becomes of any importance to you, digital inspiration will be the tech blog to turn to as it has remained unique since it's inception.

#8. Addictive Tips

I didn't think twice before adding addictive tips to my browser's bookmark. I have since enjoyed it as one of the best tech blog for tutorials on desktop, web and mobile apps, how-to tips for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

You should have it in your list as a tech lover, a computer system enthusiast or even as a mobile phone addict.

#9. TechLila

You are really missing a lot if you don't already have techlila in your browser's bookmark. Techlila is known for tutorials and tips on blogging, SEO, web development, design and Customization.

Genesis framework users and bloggers at large will have a lot to gain from reading techlila regularly.

#10. Don Caprio

Doncaprio is a rapidly growing tech tutorial blog and covers broad themes such as; blogging tips, SEO, social media, mobile gadgets, computers, DIY guides and general tips and tricks.

The owner has been proven to be a writer with his readers and audience at heart, you will definitely have a lot to learn by being a frequent reader of the blog.

#11. Blogging Cage

Known for his great generosity when it comes to giving out customized themes, handing first hand tutorials on themes customization, website development guides, blogging tips, SEO and make money online tips blogging cage has proven over and over again to be a tech blog to look on to even in many years to come.

#12. Make Use Of

MakeUseOf just like mashable is a booming online technology magazine that features cool websites, cool software and internet tips on a daily basis. It hands out tech tutorials from time to time, having it in your bookmark list will sure add some great value to your reading.

Your Turn

I did not only listed 12 awesome tech tutorial blogs for you but also gave you another 3 awesome bonus list. This should inspire you to come up with other tech tutorial blogs you think we missed out in our list.

Do not just drop links but also give us reasons why you think we should add them to our bookmarks as tech lovers.

Credits : This is an edited duplicate copy of my earlier post at tech blog list. All links and images were imported from there to give this awesome blogs a boost.
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4 Nigerian Blogs to Learn Business & Internet Marketing Tips

In a country where bloggers hardly focus on a particular niche, it is very difficult to find a single honest blogger in the "make money online niche" doing 100% legal stuff without getting distracted by short cuts and quick scheme syndrome.

 The 4 bloggers below has done their very best to separate professionalism from mediocrity and laziness, writing only tips that are top-notch and proven to stand the test of time.

You can hardly go wrong subscribing to their list or following their updates on facebook, twitter, youtube and/or other social media channels.


Efoghor Joseph Ezie of is a no-nonsense blogger that shares valuable tips for start-ups, small business loan, internet marketing, blogging and social media strategy for small business.

He is hands-down the best in his niche considering how much he's imparted into the Nigerian Bloggersphere with his badass tips and top-notched contents on internet marketing and make money from home.

There's more to learn from Joseph's blog either by reading his old contents or by following his updates on social media.


Adesoji Adegbulu of Make Money Online Nigeria ( is a very popular Nigerian blogger and one that has maintained honesty and credibility against all odds.

He's no mean name as long as Blogging in Nigeria is concerned, a known promoter of reliable contents and readable tips on how to make money online as a Nigerian.

He isn't going to spam you with gurus secret and all that, for sure! There's more to learn from his blog, social media channels and by subscribing to his feeds.

3. is owned by Presegs Adesida, he isn't the regular kind of blogger and so, might piss you off with his aggressive marketing strategies!D;

Oh! Yeah, He's a business man first, before a blogger and knows his onions as long as make money online is concerned. He is a badass paypal guru and an internet marketing expert.

He shares top-notch marketing secret, paypal account protection secrets and how to deal with foreign clients as a Nigerian. He also owns other blogs to his credit including; where he does his paypal consultation services.


Dayo Odunukan of may not sound so popular to you, but he's one person that knows what he's doing in the Nigerian Bloggersphere.

His writing style is apt, straight to the point and void of ambiguity, there's more to learn from his blog on how to make money from home as a Nigerian

You can visit, bookmark his blog, follow his updates on social media as well as subscribe to his feeds.
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Best 5 Blogs to Learn Pro Blogging Tips

If you are new to blogging or haven't studied much about blogging before venturing into it, there is every possibility for you to learn the wrong things about SEO, organic traffic, social media and right tips to get your blog going fine.

With my experience as a tech blogger and one that pays attention to only what's genuine and worth implementing, I bring to you top 5 best blogs to learn professional blogging tips and Search Engine Optimization.


Matthew Woodward of is a blogger to reckon with when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learning the act of professional blogging.

Ignore visiting his blog only if you are 100% satisfied with mediocrity or with little interest in improving the traffic stats of your blog. He's a known god when it comes to sharing his own case studies and recommending only the tools he uses.

You can hardly go wrong with his tips and tool's recommendation. His blog focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and blogging tutorials.


Adrienne Smith of is a top female blogger that teaches you pro blogging tips without any reservation. She have always been top-notch right from the days of  New Super Affiliate till date.

Her blog is a known destination for blogging tips, social media promotion, tips for traffic and list building. You can make each of your content go viral by following the tips on her blog.

There's even more to learn from Adrienne Smith's blog as she 've got slathers of followers who trod her blog every now and then.

3. is a nice website to learn blog design, on-page search engine optimization, social marketing and pro blogging tips from top bloggers.

It is very similar in style to that should have made our list if not that it is down at the time of writing this article.

4. is owned by Rajesh Namase who is no mean name in blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

From search engine optimization, blog design, blog maintenance to affiliate marketing and social media promotion, Rajesh Namase will walk you through all you need to learn about blogging without any special reservation.

5. is owned by Kulwant Nagi who is a full time blogger, entrepreneur and internet marketer. I once featured his blog in my list of top 15 best technology blogs to bookmark and follow and Top 13 Bloggers that Rocked My 2013 .

You can't go wrong with his awesome tips on blogging, blog design, theme customization, internet marketing and search engine optimization.
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Happy Birthday to you "Harleena Singh" - The blog commenting superstar

The wikibloggers' world wishes to celebrate today with a top Female Blogger who is no mean person among other Top bloggers. In fact,  she's an amazon, a leader,  a helper and among all, a blog commenting super star.

Today happens to be the birthday of Mam Harleena Singh who is top female Blogger from India; A country in Asia. While celebrating today with her, we will like to look at one or two more things that has contributed to her widespread success.

The Profile

Harleena Singh is a qualified teacher and do teach in private schools. She has to her credit; a graduate degree in Commerce and postgraduate degree in English, and also a professional degree in Education.

She also served as an administrator of a small private school, where she polished her management and organizational skills. In fact, it was after her experience as a full-time working teacher and manager that she decided to stay at home and start freelance writing, before venturing into blogging.

After her working experiences as a freelance writer, she decided to launch her own blog Aha!NOW as a portfolio and platform to showcase her admirably professional writing skills, but her content attracted general people besides writers and clients, and the blog started getting popular.

She developed relationships with bloggers, joined blogging communities, and brought Aha!NOW to the splendour of beauty where it is today.

The blog that once started as a personal family blog is now not just the Blogger's haven, but also the destination for top notch articles on personal development,  blogging tips and self-development.

Aha!NOW is now a Life Blog, with her husband and her blogging community teaming up with her, you can only expect it to get better and better. To read more about Aha!NOW, Harleena Singh, and her other awesome achievements, kindly visit the about page of her website Aha!NOW.

How to Connect with Harleena Singh

Connecting with Mam Harleena Singh will definitely do something positive to your life as a Blogger or a normal person that finds life tips exciting. I couldn't do much on this post because I'm posting from a phone.

You can make greeting cards, special cards and well packaged gifts for her birthday as you connect with her via the under listed channels.

Your Turn

The ball's now in your court,  what special thing are you going to do for Mam Harleena Singh on her birthday?

Go ahead and soar along with the awesomeness of the birth of one of the world's most celebrated female blogger.

Also give a shout out to Frank Oscar  of and Obasi Ebenezer of; Other top bloggers who happens to share same birthday with Mam Harleena Singh.
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Top 5 Best Fiverr Gigs on Blogger Services

Fiverr is one of the most popular and reliable freelancing website to get real buyers and genuine sellers. Hardly is there fraudulent persons there as the support takes pro-active actions once such persons are spotted.

We're taking a look at 5 best gigs on fiverr that can super-charge your blogger site and take it to the top where it is supposed to be. About two sellers in this list is known to us as our team has done business with them in time past.

1. Logo Design Gig

This was one of the first gig I ordered on fiverr while still using the blogger platform. Logo is a very important aspect of any website irrespective of blogger, wordpress, wix, typepad and/or any content management system.

Arundaskm in his logo design services offers his clients the best he could till their satisfaction.

  • Revisions Available

  • See Work Samples :)

  • JPEG & PNG formats for normal delivery

  • Other File Formats on request

  • FULL ASSISTANCE until you're satisfied.

Are some features that graces his gig's page.

2. Blogger to Wordpress Migration Gig

This is hands-down the best and cheapest service you can get for migrating your blog from blogger to WordPress.

It is very normal to start blogging from blogger but very strange to continue there when your blog matures or become very popular than could be managed effectively by an individual poster.

Liveencyclopedi offers the best, professional and cheapest  blogger to WordPress Migration service you can ever get on fiverr. On his gig's page he assured his potential clients of rendering this service professionally and in this words:

  • I will personally migrate your blog to wordpress irrespective of the size

  • I will also setup proper plugins, basic SEO, correct permalinks and every other stuff needed to make the migration a success.

  • I can also do this migration to persons that haven't installed WP yet; I will install and migrate your site

He also offered free extras:

  • I will suggest either cheap or moderate Linux hosting plan depending on your budget

  • I will provide a coupon code to further reduce your hosting bill

  • I will  teach you to use your over $200 free ads credit to promote your blog on Google, Bing

  • I will setup a correct 1-to-1 mapping between "" (blogspot) blog posts and your new WordPress blog posts

3. Blogger Blog Setup Gig

Highseven have got enough positive reviews to boost his credibility. Offers blog creation and setup services with features below:

  • It doesn't have the learning curve that Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, & etc. have

  • It is easy to maintain (you have to install updates to Wordpress)

  • It works with Google+, Drive, and Picasa out of the box!

  • You can change ownership of the site at any time

He also adds the free extra of tweaking your blog to suit your needs.
I can tweak your site to your liking. I can make it so that your blog posts appear on a separate page from your landing or home page. I can make certain things appear only on your home page. And more!

4.  Custom Templates Design and Blog Customization

Debbie_ph offers custom blogger templates design and has so far been successful on delivering this service to his clients. His service also features modifying your current templates as well fixing minor issues on them.

There's enough positive reviews on his gig's page to convince any potential client of his.

5. Custom Domain Name Gig

Liveencyclopedi seems to be so vast in what he does with blogger and wordpress. In his gig's page he's promised to deliver the most professional, reliable and cheapest blogger custom domain mapping service.

His domain mapping service extends to other content management systems.

Your Turn

We have listed the few we could pick from credible fiverr sellers offering gig's related to Google's blogger and blog design services. The ball is now in your court.

Are there other fiverr seller's with gigs related to blogger you think we've left out in this post?

Kindly share with us below.
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