20 Tech Blogs that accepts Review, Guest and Sponsored Post

I have decided to drop a list of twenty tech blogs that accepts sponsored post of various forms including; sponsored review, advertorials, promotional contents, sponsored links, sponsored interview and the likes.

Off course, The Tech Diary (DA=34) being my own blog won’t be making this list, but others will; since they are not only authored by me.

Blog Name
Bragging Right
Type Allowed (sponsored post type)  
13rd Planet TechiesDA=21, Over 5k Social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
2TBC Tech BlogDA=21, Over  1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
3Elites WorldDA=Nil (url changed), Over 5k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
4Don CaprioDA= 43, Over 15k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
5Loaded VillaDA=27, Over 7k social media fansGuest, adverts  
6TechlilaDA=43, Over 11k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
7Blogging CageDA=38, Over 8k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
8Lord BNFDA=27, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
9Ebima BlogDA=29, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
10Etech VillaDA=25, Over 1k social media fansGuest, adverts  
11AdetechblogDA=30, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
12Awwal TechDA=26, Over 4k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
13StevenbergyDA=27, Over 3k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
14Tech RezDA=31, Over 2k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
15ShoutmetechDA=24, Over 3k social media fansGuest, adverts  
16techwayzDA=33, Over 1k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
17BabanatureDA=33, Over 3k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
18Born VirtualDA=28, Over 1k social media fansGuest, adverts  
19Oscar MiniDA=31, Over 5k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
20Shout me LoudDA=56, Over 80k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  

    Table Legends and their Meaning

DA = Domain Authority

Social Media Fans = the fans base of the listed blog across all the popular social networking sites around.

Guest = Blogs that accepts quality and result-oriented guest article from bloggers, freelancers and/or ghost writers.

Reviews = Blogs that accepts giveaway (including sponsored giveaways), product reviews and other forms of sponsored reviews.

Advertorials = Blogs that accepts any form of promotional contents (including sponsored links) and sponsored stories.

Adverts = Blogs that accepts banner advertisement and the likes.

N/B Each of the listed blogs have their terms for acceptance listed in their “write for us”, “contribute”, “submit a tip”, “sponsor a content” and “advertise with us” pages.

This list is compiled in no particular order. Do your diligence by contacting the blog owners about an opportunity to guest post or sponsor contents.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anonymouscollective/4263193267/    

24 Hours On My iPhone: The First 10 Apps Installed

Android is and has been my favorite mobile operating system (OS) since my high school days, this explains my reasons for moving from one android device to another.

Just recently, I thought about trying another mobile operating system (OS) to see how much they have improved on their interface, experience and user-friendliness.

After pondering on whether iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile, I decided to go with the iOS and was lucky enough to find a site offering a higher than 35% discount code.

This was how I purchased my third iOS device; the first and second being a iPod touch and iPhone 2 respectively.

Below is the first 10 apps (excluding games) installed after just 24 hours of usage. 

1. Evernote 

Evernote is great for taking notes and was the very first app I downloaded to help get back my previous notes and events. 

Was great on android and even awesome on my iPhone, more on evernote, the app and features is available on the official evernote website.  

2. Wordpress 

Wordpress app makes blogging via mobile so fun, easy and effortless. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it a must have for every blogger currently using Wordpress for their blog.

I had it on my android devices and didn't have to crack my brain to get it installed on my iPhone.   

3. Koder Code Editor

Being an avid user of notepad++ and sublime text, I can’t help but look out for the exact alternative for my iPhone device.

This was after I have installed the wordpress app for my blogging activities. 

4. Online Poker App 

Have you ever browse up your phone menu icon only to see apps you didn't really figure out when, why or the main intent for installing them?

Real money poker app is just one of those apps you didn't really crack up your head to install or maybe discover them through adverts.

But somehow it already featured in my list 'cos it was among the first 10 apps to be installed in my iPhone, whether I really used it thereafter is a question left for me to answer.  

5. Textastic Code Editor

My quest for the replica of the award-winning notepad++ software led me to installing two similar app just to make sure nothing goes wrong when making my final decision about them. 

Just from the app's preview, i can tell its gonna blow me off completely when building websites with it.

6. Source Viewer

As a webmaster, Source Viewer app for iPhone will really come handy as it can be used for troubleshooting websites amongst other regular uses of web source code.

I personally use the application more often being a freelancer with several micro-job sites to work on, I use it to troubleshoot blogs and websites by viewing the main source for possible html errors and all that.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Hands down the best app for doing basic photo editing activities on mobile. Had it on Symbian, Android and iOS, will still have it on every other future devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express is developer's friendly and will normally bring the pc experience on mobile.

8. Analytiks

A very handy app for bloggers and website owners, I was amazed with how fun the app was as I never had need for it while on the Android OS.

9. FTP Client Pro

FTP client pro was a better alternative to AndFTP (Android FTP client)  and a replica of FileZilla software (my favorite FTP client for pc), really served me for the few minutes I tested a secured connection with it.

It should be a great tool for web developers, bloggers and programmers.

10. Pocket

A great app for busy persons, has been one of my very favorite apps after evernote. Can save up articles for later time.

Better than normal bookmarking of website links and could really save you a lot of time.

Image source: iTunes app store          

How to Stop YouTube Videos Autoplay and Auto-Buffering

There are several reasons for one to think of disabling the autoplay and/or auto-buffer feature from youtube videos. 

One of them is when multiple videos are opened in several tabs, the videos will all keep playing to themselves.

Even when you decides to pause them individually, they will keep buffering or loading from the background thereby, wasting your internet data subscription.

Preventing such from happening is what I am going to be sharing with you today. Just read on to find out the easiest tweak to stop the annoying YouTube videos auto-play.  

Introducing YouTube Center

YouTube Center is the newest add-on that's currently available on almost all popular web browsers around.

With YouTube Center add-on active on your browser, you can gladly kiss good bye to those annoying features.

YouTube Center makes your visit to YouTube so entertaining by giving you access to several hidden function to better customize it.

You can control how your playlist works, how videos should play and all that. The add-on is compatible with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and several others.

All you need do is follow the guidelines below to install and activate the add-on to any browser of your choice and have full control to how YouTube should work for you.

Always visit the provided address with the browser you intend installing this add-on to, this is to make the installation much more easier.   
  • Google Chrome - Download and Install YouTube Center from here. Stop Autoplay for YouTube Extension works fine too but does allow the pre-buffering. 
  • Mozilla Firefox - Install and activate YouTube Center from the Mozilla Add-on repository link here
  • Opera - Can be downloaded from this link
  • Maxthon - Can be accessed and downloaded from this link
  • Other Browsers - If you are using Safari, Internet Explorer and other web browsers, simply follow this link for guidelines specific to your browser.   
Now that you have installed and activated the add-on or extension that's applicable to your web browser. You need configure the plugin on your first visit to YouTube.

This is to help you setup the options that works best for you using the provided functions.

Known Benefits

  1. Can save you lots of data if you are using a mobile broadband
  2. Stops YouTube videos from playing all at once when several videos are opened in tabs
  3. Will start playing only when you hit the play button 
  4. Can be used to download YouTube Videos for free in most browsers 
  5. Allows you to comment on videos you have previously watched before
  6. Can browse around YouTube site conveniently reading only comments or liking your best videos without having to watch the videos all over again.  

Sharing / Gifting GLO Data MB Subscription with others- How to do it

It is now possible to share or gift GLO data bundle subscription plans and MB with other Globacom Nigeria subscribers.

Just like we shared last time; the tips for doing same on Etisalat and Airtel, I have decided to drop that of GLO too.

Can't really tell the reason for this recent increase of the numbers of persons requesting to know how to do this, but from the look of things, i can tell its because many people now owns as much as 6 different SmartPhones and internet enabled devices.

That is exactly my reason for reviewing the latest new HAME A11W 3G Wi-Fi Router With SIM Card that makes it possible to connect over 20 devices to the internet using Wi-Fi Access.

Now back to the topic; sharing and gifting data bundle MB on Glo can be done either by using the automatic tool provided by their HSI portals or by using their USSD code.

1. Using their HSI portals

==> Configure your modem or phone to use the following APN settings
  • APN = gloflat
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat 
==> Connect to the internet and visit http://hsi.glo.com with any of your favorite browsers

==> Subscribe to a data subscription plan higher than Always Min from the HSI portal page (that's if you don't have any active data plan. Skip this step if there's an active data subscription)

==> Your SIM card number and current active data subscription will be automatically detected with a "share" or "renew" prompt

==> Click on the share button and enter the Glo number you intend sharing data with in the box provided

==>Click Yes to confirm.

Remember these steps 'cos that's what you will need to add more numbers or to delete some. You can also perform basic useful settings from the HSI portals such as checking sharing status and remaining data MB.

2. Using their USSD Code

This is very much similar to the methods used by MTN, Etisalat and Airtel. All you need do is dial the following USSD code as provided below. 

==> You need ADD the mobile number of the person you intend sharing data with by dialing;  *127*01*<the GLO number>#

==> To delete a person from your data sharing list dial; *127*02*<the GLO number>#

==> To see the list of the number of persons you have shared data MB with dial; *127*00#

==> To check data bundle balance via USSD dial; *127*0#

3. Sharing By their SMS short Code

This another method very useful for those using older versions of modem interface that doesn't have the USSD menu and functions.

==> To ADD the mobile number of the person you intend sharing data with send; "Share <<the GLO number>" as an SMS to 127  (eg. send "share 0807xxxxxxx" as an SMS to 127)

==> To REMOVE the mobile number of the person you have previously shared data with send; "Remove <<the GLO number>" as an SMS to 127 (eg. send "Remove 0807xxxxxxx" as an SMS to 127)

==> To check data bundle balance via SMS send; info as a text message to 127

Gifting Data MB Plans to Friends

Sharing is only useful when you have several Smart Phones and other internet enabled devices like; owning an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone and another internet enabled feature phones all using Glo SIM card.

It can also be useful for families that intend buying one data plan for the household where one data bundle subscription is shared among members.

Gifting on the other hand, is useful for persons that want to send data MB as gift to their friends and colleagues. In this case, you purchase a Glo data plan for another customer instead of yourself.

How to gift data MB

==> To GIFT a subscription: Dial *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<friend’s number>#  (eg. Dial *127*53*0807xxxxxxx# to gift the always Micro plan to a friend)


==> Send  “Gift <plan name> <friend’s number>” to 127 (eg. send "Gift always micro 0807xxxxxxx" as an SMS to 127)

To see the updated list of all Nigerian Networks Providers Data Subscription Codes - Visit here.  

Upcoming games that will shine in early 2014

If 2013 was a great year for the gaming industry, 2014 will be huge. Developers are doing their best to provide players with bolder experiences, more amazing gameplays, and increasingly more complex characters.

It’s time to say good bye to “Grand Theft Auto V” and make room for some upcoming video games that will certainly exceed the expectations of all gamers out there.

Let’s have a closer look at some groundbreaking upcoming games that will shine this early 2014.

Are you ready to be astounded?

South Park: The Stick of Truth (March 2014)

The upcoming role-playing game is based on the famous American TV series South Park and it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Published by Ubisoft and in partnership with South Park Digital Studios, the game was estimated to be released in 2013.

Because the original publisher THQ was shut down, they had to delay the release of the game. South Park’s Stick of the Truth follows the adventures of the 4 famous characters Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny, on a hysterical quest to save South Park.

Prepare yourself to defeat underpants, crabpeople, hippies, and some others evil forces, and use your weapons to rescue the city.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (February 18, 2014)

The upcoming tower defense and third-person shooter game bases its story on the already famous Plants vs. Zombie Android game.

Published by Electronic Arts and developed by PopCap Games, “Garden Warfare” will be available for Xbox One and 360, but also for Windows.

The game promises to shine in 2014 with its cutthroat multi-player modes where you’ll have the chance to control your plants and zombies from a 3rd person perspective.

The Elder Scrolls: Online (Quarter 1 of 2014)

There’s no exact release date for The Elder Scrolls, but the developers are estimating that it will be launched this spring, somewhere in April.

As part of the Elder Scrolls franchise, this adaptation of the game has been in progress for about 5 years before it was announced in May 2012.

Set about 1,000 years before the happenings from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online is in fact the newest chapter of this incredible award-winning franchise.

For the first time since its release, the game will bring legendary experiences to the online world. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the game alone or with your closest friends, the combat system of the Elder Scrolls is focused on tactics and action; customize abilities, use armors and weapons to advance in the game, and have a whale of a time.

Watch Dogs (Spring 2014)

There have been so many rumors that Watch Dogs will break a leg when it will finally hit the stores. Thus far, the makers have only revealed that the game will be released in the spring of 2014.

The action-adventure video game was published by Ubisoft and it was developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The action of the game is in a virtual version of the acclaimed city of Chicago in the US. Aiden Pearce, the main character of the game, is a skilled hacker with the ability to infiltrate into various systems to control and gather information, thus reaching various targets and advancing in the game.

Isn’t that exciting?

Major gaming companies have prepared some pretty awesome video games for avid players this 2014. Starting from the most adventurous to the funniest, there’s no doubt sooner or later you’ll find one to exceed your expectations.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure; gather your friends together, pick a favorite character, and together start conquering the virtual world.

Are you ready to save South Park City and laugh your guts out with the main characters?

Post contributed by Christopher Austin, a blogger and owner of online sniper games. You can check out his gaming website here.

2+1 Web Hosting Providers that Rocks!

I am a person that's addicted to using stuff that rocks! All my pals knows about this.

I'm clearly allergic to anything that sucks! That's my reason for having never recommended any Nigerian Local Web Hosting Company to you guys.

No doubts, Nigeria have got superior tech heads but not in matters relating to having a strong data center that's almost infallible and can always handle the kinda traffic you 're dreaming of.

That explains why most Nigerian Hosting Companies are only but resellers to top foreign hosting companies that 've gat  flawless data centers to handle large volume of traffic.

Back to today's topic; I wanna reveal to you guys as usual, top 2+1 Hosting Companies that actually Rocks.

Being a website designer, I have used several hosting companies including 3 different local ones (in the past) and about 7 different foreign ones, not forgetting those mochahost guys that had my money wrongly eaten up by their system.

Coming down to the best 2 hosting companies that can easily make my list as top using my past experiences as the criteria, I came up with this short review.

1. Arvixe Hosting 

Arvixe Hosting needs no introduction to any of our long time follower as we have always recommended them to you guys.

I came to know about arvixe hosting days after my bad experience with mochahost web hosting company. Since then, I have never looked back from recommending them to each and every one of our clients and buddies.

Arvixe hosting is awesome no doubt, who will write as much as 7 reasons for recommending a service if it isn't awesome?

For more about arvixe hosting, check out my post on My 7 Reasons for Recommending Arvixe as the Best Web Hosting Provider.

2. Site5 Hosting 

Arvixe guys pushed me to trying out site5 hosting when they failed to transfer a site for a client 'cos of the largeness of the file's size.

I have since recommended them twice to a client that needed Unmanaged VPS hosting for their company.

Site5 support is particularly awesome and will just do even beyond your imagination when it comes to helping out in problems relating to your site or account with them.

You can check out the previous link above for my reason for placing site5 as another top host that rocks.

+1. Zee-way Hosting 

I got to know about Zee-way Hosting not long ago and can authoritatively assume they rock considering how nice their customer's review are.

No sane techie will fault the over 2,000 fans across the social media that thinks that zee-way hosting Rocks!

I look forward to trying out their services over the coming weeks and will also advice you to do so, to have at least a first hand experience of the awesomeness they promise.

let me have your thoughts, what do you think of this hosting companies?

Have you used any of them, Is there any other web hosting company you can recommend to a friend?

Let's have them rolling via comments, do not forget to use the sledgehammer where necessary.

My Goals for 2014 as a Tech Blogger

In few hours from today 2013 will come to a halt with the glimmering brightness of 2014 already approaching, it is only wise for me to discuss my goals for this coming year with you.

I will make it as short as possible since what I’m gonna share with you is what affects my online activities as a tech blogger.
Image credit: flickr.com

1. I will give more to charity

This is the area I have mostly ignored as a tech blogger, the last time I donated to a plugin developer was about two months ago when I newly restored my paypal account, that was even the third and last time I have ever donated to an open source project.

Going from what I have revealed above, it is easier to understand I haven’t given much to charity nor supported open source projects as much as I should.

This is a barrier I will conquer in 2014 as I do not only plan to support open source projects, but also to donate more to charity and help programs aimed at supporting the less-privileged.

2. I will build one giant open source app or plugin

I have been benefiting this many years from the effort of others without really adding much in terms of apps development, plugins and games.

I look forward to building a features-packed theme, plugin or app that will be free and able to compete with premium versions of same idea.

This has been a real burden to me for sometimes now, but I couldn’t really do much considering how difficult it is to separate college activities from blogging let alone, planning and building programs.

3. I will learn new programming language

The future of wordpress development seems to be going towards javascript, jQuery and html5. So combining the knowledge of dhtml with Ruby, oracle or any other top programming language order than php is a kinda diversity I wouldn’t like to ignore in 2013.

4. I want to develop a robust web application that will be beneficial to my readers

There isn’t any way my above goals won’t force me to develop a robust web application that will serve a unique purpose for me, my readers and other tech enthusiasts.

This is a feet I will dance all day if I’m able to meet up fully with it before the end of the year 2014.

5. I want to Create More Video Tutorials and eBooks  

2013 was really too busy for me, I was only able to create 3 unique videos and only 1 eBook. In 2014, I look forward to creating many long video tutorials and educative eBooks that will not only be useful to my readers but such that will go viral and also benefit bloggers and tech lovers.

6. I want to fully embrace Responsive Designs

To hell with mobile redirecting plugins, who talks about that in 2014?

I want to fully incorporate 100% responsive designs to become part of my design proposals in such a way that every of my portfolio irrespective of the size will go with a fully responsive design. I also want to build mobile and web apps into my designs as part of my push for better superior responsive designs

7.To build a real business around blogging

This is where I will stop with my list for today, I will continue with second part of it by January 2014. Improving my blogging ethics and building a real business around our official blog [3ptechies.com] is another goal I must achieve in 2014. I will also look for workable ways to improve user’s engagement and social media interaction over all of our fan pages.

Over to you

This is the first part of my goals for 2014 as a tech blogger, what do you think about them? Do you care to share your own goals as well? Let’s get it rolling in the comments below.

Why We Moved from Obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com

After our last post appreciating the top among our blogging pals in 2013, few messages rolled in demanding to know the real motive behind the move of “3rd Planet Techies” from obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com.

Well, that’s exactly what I am going to explain with this short article, there are basically 2 chief reasons that instigated the move to 3ptechies.com.
 Image credit: google images

1. Branding

The initial idea behind obasimvilla.com (Obasi Miracle Villa) was the need to have a personal homepage of my own after building popularity in other person’s blog and forums.  The idea was immediately executed by purchasing the domain name and building a tech forum in the subdomain while still undecided on what to do with the main homepage.

After a long while, I thought it wise to install wordpress in the homepage and use it as a personal blog where I will be posting various tips and ideas relating to tech.

This plan was really feasible but could face the problem of longevity as I didn’t plan monetizing it at all. So I gave up the idea and built a tech blog around it.

The real deal! Towards the later part of 2013, the idea of building a real brand came into my mind, I discussed that with the closest of my blogging buddies who advised me to pay a visit to the Nigeria Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) which I did without taking a second thought.

After the name “3rd Planet Techies” was approved as a tech media, I went after the domain name 3ptechies.com and did all necessary rebranding that gave birth to our brand new blog located at http://www.3ptechies.com.

2. Value

A brand built around a trusted name like “Obasi Miracle” could easily attract potential advertisers but may not attract many employees ‘cos we planned employing more content writers to help grow the quality and diversity of the blog.

We also pictured the tech blog’s current theme to be better fitted to the new domain name “3ptechies.com”

How come about the contents?

This is another question many of this bloggers were asking me, how come about the contents currently at obasimvilla.com?

 Well, I used to have a more personal blog prior to this time; the blog was running on a .blogspot .com subdomain (www.obasimiracle.blogspot.com) and later changed to a custom domain name ( www.obasi-miracle.com).

I normally share high quality tech related stuff I see including those ones posted at our tech forum linking back to the original source.

I also do share tutorials and tips of my own which actually helped the blog to garner plenty of search or organic traffic.

The blog was monetized with bidvertiser and chitika since it has lots of US traffic as of that time.

So moving the blog down to obasimvilla.com wasn’t really a difficult decision to make after all obasimvilla.com appears to be more personalized than the previous domain name.

Why didn’t you redirect obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com?  

Many were even suggesting this as a more practical solution; well, I would have tolled this route if not that I wanted to preserve the domain name “obasimvilla.com”.

Obasimvilla.com really has its own history that I personally do not want to throw away like that. Redirecting it simply means that I am allowing the domain name alongside its unique history to be forgotten just like that.

What next?

Many were confused about the move already, questions like;

“Should I unsubscribe, stop visiting, remove my previous links to you or even remove obasimvilla.com completely from my bookmark” was the reaction of many persons that came to know about this very move.

Well, since it’s already clear to you that I am not dumping the blog, the choice of which to bookmark or unfollow should be yours to make.

If I am to suggest, I will say subscribe and follow both ‘cos I won’t be updating obasimvilla.com as much as 3ptechies.com since the former is now more personal as opposed to the later that will be frequently updated by me and other top tech bloggers.

Visiting is solely your choice to make ‘cos we are going to be updating both. If you linked to previous articles on 3rd Planet Techies, the url must be updated to reflect the new address “3ptechies.com”; else, you might be leading your readers to a broken link.

If what you linked to previously was the homepage with reference to me and not the tech blog, leaving your links intact without changing any part of it will still be very good enough for me and your readers or followers.

Finally, you can update your bookmarks to point to the new url or still leave both of them intact, after all you‘ll still get relevant tips. Do well to leave your contributions below.  
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