iRoot roots plethora of android devices with or without a computer

I just shared a post on 3ptechies forum, explaining how to root any android phone or devices with or without a computer using the iRoot app.

I'll drop the excerpt for you to go ahead with it and get those stubborn android phone rooted in minutes without much stress from your end.

Just thought I should update you about iRoot – an enhanced software that can root plethora of android phone and devices with or without a computer.
iRoot is an improvement on the vRoot software that recorded up to 90% success rate in rooting of android phone and devices.
iRoot was updated to include iRoot apk (iRoot.apk) for rooting directly from your android devices without connecting it to a computer machine and iRoot executable (iRoot.exe) for rooting directly from your PC via a USB connection cable.
Either ways, the iRoot software is a great all-in-one root tool with support for newer and older android devices, even less-popular brands of android phones can be rooted with it.
I already tried it on Gionee, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and Mercury. You can report other devices in this thread to help others find what phones the iRoot app can root easily.
Download Links
For iRoot apk, follow this link
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Wearable Tech: Digital Gadgetry for the Ages

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If recent interest is any indication, wearable technology is next frontier in must-have digital devices. Ranging from Bluetooth ear buds to activity monitors, wearable tech products ably address a variety of lifestyle needs for today's consumers.

Tags Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are a great accompaniment to just about any smart phone, but every user has experienced the distinct displeasure of wrestling with a hopelessly tangled pair. In this event, wireless tech can be a great addition to earbud design.

For those looking to make a statement with their wearable gear, Tags Wireless Earbuds are a great option. Designed to resemble soldier's dog tags, these earbuds will allow you to enjoy your full music library with minimum hassle. This is especially important for jogging and other high-impact activities.


Polyphasic sleep cycles involve breaking down your required rest into smaller intervals throughout the day. These power naps are believed to boost energy and relieve stress when compared to more typical sleep schedules.

By using an innovative mask, the NeuroON can help you interpret brain waves and other bodily signals. Using these signals, the device then determines your the ideal waking time. Wake up is accomplished by using a lighting system that gets gradually brighter, mimicking the natural effects of a sunrise.

Google Glass

Unlike the other devices mentioned here, Google Glass isn't designed to optimize one's life, but rather to enhance it. This wearable computer allows users to remain connected at all times via a digitized headset and voice commands.

While the Google Glass release was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, the item is not with controversy. However, this view is bound to change as more and more people gain access to what is a truly innovative device.


Activity trackers have become a de rigueur accessory for those serious about health and fitness. As a result, there are a number of devices available on the market, making the selection process a bit difficult.

Reign by Jaybird takes the functionality necessary in a fitness tracker and couples it with a distinct sense of style that is sometimes missing in other brands. This lets users remain on track when it comes to fitness goals, without sacrificing design aspects.


Resembling a Bluetooth headset, the Vigo uses infrared scanning to monitor eye blinks, which can include a variety of information on one's current state. The device will let you know when it's time to take a rest, which can be ideal for things like driving long distances, or other activities where being alert is essential.

A timely break can make all the difference once fatigue sets in. Using a combination of features, the Vigo will help you track your energy levels, and even provide alerts when a break is sorely needed.

Much like smart phones in years past, wearable technology is quickly becoming a large part of everyday living. Based on the devices above, wearable tech is only limited by what the imagination can conceive.
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top 5 free VPN Software of 2014

If internet privacy, surfing anonymously, accessing blocked websites, using censored content and services is a big concern to you, this article is for you as we're going to discuss about the best free VPN clients of 2014.

Its no longer a news that most users from other countries outside the US are restricted from accessing, Netflix, Hulu,, sportify and other inetrenet resources.

VPN (Virtual private network) clients will help you bypass this silly restrictions and enjoy your favorite online resources without the fear of government censorship and/or blockage.

Today, I bring to you my selected list of top 5 free VPN software of 2014. Forgive me if your favorite VPN software isn't on my list 'cos I'm focusing on the best free clients that really works.

1. Tor

Tor is hands down the best free VPN software out there, it is an open source project and so comes at no cost at all.  

Tor VPN clients will normally give every user unlimited access to all their servers and services. There's Tor for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and Android.

Tor protects your internet activities by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.

It is free to use: no ads, no trial pay or premium services of any kind.

Download link :

2. PD-Proxy

PD-Proxy is one good VPN software I 've fallen in love with of recent, the ability to tunnel, secure and encrypt my internet connection at such a high speed makes it a great choice for a young geek like myself.

It doesn't matter if you're accessing a connection from school, restricted countries, hotel, company and/or any ISP that restricts your access to websites and resources; PD-Proxy VPN software will remove the restrictions and help you surf anonymously.

The free version has a limitation of 100mb per day; this is the only turn off for me being a pro-surfer that won't have need for a 100mb access.

The free version will limit you to the demo servers alone which aren't as good as the premium ones. It is advisable to purchase a premium plan if you're gonna enjoy the PD-Proxy VPN services.

PD-Proxy VPN is very light-weighted and can run on all windows version later than 2000. Their support forum have got resources to help you get started with their services.   

Download Link:  Go get PD-Proxy VPN Services

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has been my favorite VPN software for over 3 years, I see no reason to dump them even in the future, all thanks to adblockplus and kaspersky internet security for hiding their annoying ads from me. File:icon smile.gif

Hotspot shield can unblock gaming websites, movie channels, music and video resources by bypass filters and firewalls.

The features of Hotspot Shield free version is so numerous for a free VPN client, the only major difference between the free and elite version is the ads and that alone.    

Except you need premium support, ability to use dedicated IP and all that; I don't see you upgrading to their premium account soon.

Download Link :

4.  CyberGhost

CyberGhost free VPN client works in such an efficient way to protect your online activities, providing top-notch security and anonymity without slowing down your internet connection.

The only limitation with the free version is that it disconnects after 3 hours of continuous usage, you can connect immediately after disconnection.

There's CyberGhost VPN client for windows, mac, linux/unix, iOS and android. It allows the free user enjoy unlimited data transfer and bandwidth using several servers across US and Europe.

Download link :

5. Private Tunnel 

Private Tunnel VPN is a good free VPN software for a basic surfer and provides a flexible means of surfing anonymously.

The free version is limited by 100mb data cap which can be increased by referring users to them. You only pay for the data you consume with Private Tunnel.

Download link :
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Meet Nokia X Plus - An Android KitKat phone with Dual core processor


Nokia X Plus is the lightest Android KitKat phone available, and is also affordable and slender. The phone is packed with OS mobile technology adopted from Google and is a software Windows phone version. The design is termed by many as candy bar make.

To provide an overview of the basic features of Nokia X Plus it is equipped with 32GB expandable storage capacity through storage SD via micro.

It is tailored with 4GB storage and 768MB RAM, the software used is S4 dual core GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor, the camera capacity is 3MP.

The overall measure is four inches and display capacity is 800 x 480 pixels. Nokia X is sold in lots of vibrant shades, and sources were satisfied with the black version of the phone. The buttons on the phone are simple and does not wear out easily.


Nokia X Plus sports an elegant design, but is not as sophisticated as that of top notch phone. It is similar to any other Nokia device, with defined curves and thick body, and the evenness is contributed by a polycarbonate rear that is smooth.

The design on the whole is smooth and the back detachable lid is designed in a way that it does not feel rough at any point.

The home screen design is similar to that of Windows Phone and the icons are positioned in multicolored array format, and it takes up about 1x1 spot in the grid and 2x2 volume.

The widgets can be accessed easily as well, even those which are unique to standard Android and Nokia phones.

Nokia X Plus takes on a varied Android design different from the usual Android phones. The interesting features to look forward to are Samsung Touchqiz, and OEM UI reconfiguration.


Nokia X does not deliver the best performance, but is a high end devise similar to the advanced Galaxy S and iPhone.

Galaxy S becomes a bit sluggish particularly when consumers browse through websites and media enriched content, and the home screen is packed with heaps of icons. The experience is known to be pretty smooth with little room for frustration.

There are exciting social networking features such as Twitter and Facebook and the access to these apps is convenient and quick. Nokia X is a Dual-SIM phone and the charging capacity is enormous and is quick in between networks and the battery runs for hours without a hassle.

The battery output is so robust that even after a few hours the phone can be used to the optimum. If Nokia X is in cellular network mode then the battery durability dips significantly and is lower than any other Nokia or iPhones.

Nokia X is a highly reliable piece, and the notifications are visible on custom home screen, which is inclusive of text messages. Such features are absent in standard Android phones.

Nokia X phone is an eye catchy product, and has bits of hardware and software features. The advantage of the phone is it is packed with reliable features, reasonable and aerodynamic and the disadvantages are it is not too efficient and the web navigation feature is not very clear.


Nokia X Plus is listed among the most desirable new phones and costs Rs 8,599 and is among the most affordable pieces in the highly competitive mobile market.

Nokia X Plus operates on Google apps and was displayed to the public in grand style at the prestigious Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in 2014 Feb.

The X plus in European markets costs 99 Euros and when converted to Indian rupees it is Rs 8,400 the Nokia XL costs 109 Euros.

Nokia announced that it will introduce two other Nokia devices called XL – and X+ in India in the near future.

Must Read : How to download and install Android 4.4 Launcher in low end devices


On the launch of Nokia X Plus in India the managing director of Microsoft services and Android apps stated that, ‘’India is among the swiftest growing mobile markets in the world in the small phone category.

We are assured that Nokia X is an assortment of uniqueness in the form of experience and quality contributed by the merge of Android and Microsoft apps.

Mobile Industry:

India is the third biggest smartphone market and according to data revealed by IDC the sale flow of smartphones shot up in 2013 with 44 million units compared to 16.2 million units noted in 2012.

The sudden increase is caused by massive expansion of Indian made phones such as Lava, Karbonn and Micromax, and all these phones cost less than Rs 3,000.

The other reason for smartphones to sell in dozens is the narrow price structure between various phones.

When questioned if Nokia series will be as cost effective as Asha phones, Balaji said that Nokia phones are economically feasible but not to the effect of Asha phones.

Lumia, Nokia X and Asha are three different phones and the cost of all these phones will come down in the near future. Nokia X is a merge of Android and Microsoft features and has some interesting apps such as Outlook and Skype.

Nokia X Plus can accommodate two sims and runs with a potent software called Qualcomm Snapdragon processer and the operating capacity is 1 GHz.

The smoothness is contributed by tile type of design and the memory capacity is 768MB Ram, and can extent to 32GB.

The camera capacity is 3MP and battery durability is 1500mAH. The design of Nokia X is adopted from Android platform, and users can have access to fun apps like Google Play and also side load Android apps from one of Nokia’s merge counterpart Microsoft.


Those who are keen to buy Nokia X Plus it is a worthy purchase and the uniqueness lies in the presence of the lightest KitKat Android phone equipped with dual core processor.

Nokia X plus has all the features of a top notch phone for an affordable price.

Phones are reliable commodities all over the world and not everyone in India has the means to a super efficient top notch phone. Nokia X plus comes in a grand package for an affordable price.
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20 Tech Blogs that accepts Review, Guest and Sponsored Post

I have decided to drop a list of twenty tech blogs that accepts sponsored post of various forms including; sponsored review, advertorials, promotional contents, sponsored links, sponsored interview and the likes.

Off course, The Tech Diary (DA=34) being my own blog won’t be making this list, but others will; since they are not only authored by me.

Blog Name
Bragging Right
Type Allowed (sponsored post type)  
13rd Planet TechiesDA=21, Over 5k Social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
2TBC Tech BlogDA=21, Over  1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
3Elites WorldDA=Nil (url changed), Over 5k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
4Don CaprioDA= 43, Over 15k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
5Loaded VillaDA=27, Over 7k social media fansGuest, adverts  
6TechlilaDA=43, Over 11k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
7Blogging CageDA=38, Over 8k social media fansGuest, reviews, adverts  
8Lord BNFDA=27, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
9Ebima BlogDA=29, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
10Etech VillaDA=25, Over 1k social media fansGuest, adverts  
11AdetechblogDA=30, Over 1k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
12Awwal TechDA=26, Over 4k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
13StevenbergyDA=27, Over 3k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
14Tech RezDA=31, Over 2k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
15ShoutmetechDA=24, Over 3k social media fansGuest, adverts  
16techwayzDA=33, Over 1k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
17BabanatureDA=33, Over 3k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  
18Born VirtualDA=28, Over 1k social media fansGuest, adverts  
19Oscar MiniDA=31, Over 5k social media fansGuest, reviews, advertorials, adverts  
20Shout me LoudDA=56, Over 80k social media fansGuest, advertorials, adverts  

    Table Legends and their Meaning

DA = Domain Authority

Social Media Fans = the fans base of the listed blog across all the popular social networking sites around.

Guest = Blogs that accepts quality and result-oriented guest article from bloggers, freelancers and/or ghost writers.

Reviews = Blogs that accepts giveaway (including sponsored giveaways), product reviews and other forms of sponsored reviews.

Advertorials = Blogs that accepts any form of promotional contents (including sponsored links) and sponsored stories.

Adverts = Blogs that accepts banner advertisement and the likes.

N/B Each of the listed blogs have their terms for acceptance listed in their “write for us”, “contribute”, “submit a tip”, “sponsor a content” and “advertise with us” pages.

This list is compiled in no particular order. Do your diligence by contacting the blog owners about an opportunity to guest post or sponsor contents.

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24 Hours On My iPhone: The First 10 Apps Installed

Android is and has been my favorite mobile operating system (OS) since my high school days, this explains my reasons for moving from one android device to another.

Just recently, I thought about trying another mobile operating system (OS) to see how much they have improved on their interface, experience and user-friendliness.

After pondering on whether iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile, I decided to go with the iOS and was lucky enough to find a site offering a higher than 35% discount code.

This was how I purchased my third iOS device; the first and second being a iPod touch and iPhone 2 respectively.

Below is the first 10 apps (excluding games) installed after just 24 hours of usage. 

1. Evernote 

Evernote is great for taking notes and was the very first app I downloaded to help get back my previous notes and events. 

Was great on android and even awesome on my iPhone, more on evernote, the app and features is available on the official evernote website.  

2. Wordpress 

Wordpress app makes blogging via mobile so fun, easy and effortless. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it a must have for every blogger currently using Wordpress for their blog.

I had it on my android devices and didn't have to crack my brain to get it installed on my iPhone.   

3. Koder Code Editor

Being an avid user of notepad++ and sublime text, I can’t help but look out for the exact alternative for my iPhone device.

This was after I have installed the wordpress app for my blogging activities. 

4. Online Poker App 

Have you ever browse up your phone menu icon only to see apps you didn't really figure out when, why or the main intent for installing them?

Real money poker app is just one of those apps you didn't really crack up your head to install or maybe discover them through adverts.

But somehow it already featured in my list 'cos it was among the first 10 apps to be installed in my iPhone, whether I really used it thereafter is a question left for me to answer.  

5. Textastic Code Editor

My quest for the replica of the award-winning notepad++ software led me to installing two similar app just to make sure nothing goes wrong when making my final decision about them. 

Just from the app's preview, i can tell its gonna blow me off completely when building websites with it.

6. Source Viewer

As a webmaster, Source Viewer app for iPhone will really come handy as it can be used for troubleshooting websites amongst other regular uses of web source code.

I personally use the application more often being a freelancer with several micro-job sites to work on, I use it to troubleshoot blogs and websites by viewing the main source for possible html errors and all that.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Hands down the best app for doing basic photo editing activities on mobile. Had it on Symbian, Android and iOS, will still have it on every other future devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express is developer's friendly and will normally bring the pc experience on mobile.

8. Analytiks

A very handy app for bloggers and website owners, I was amazed with how fun the app was as I never had need for it while on the Android OS.

9. FTP Client Pro

FTP client pro was a better alternative to AndFTP (Android FTP client)  and a replica of FileZilla software (my favorite FTP client for pc), really served me for the few minutes I tested a secured connection with it.

It should be a great tool for web developers, bloggers and programmers.

10. Pocket

A great app for busy persons, has been one of my very favorite apps after evernote. Can save up articles for later time.

Better than normal bookmarking of website links and could really save you a lot of time.

Image source: iTunes app store          
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How to Stop YouTube Videos Autoplay and Auto-Buffering

There are several reasons for one to think of disabling the autoplay and/or auto-buffer feature from youtube videos. 

One of them is when multiple videos are opened in several tabs, the videos will all keep playing to themselves.

Even when you decides to pause them individually, they will keep buffering or loading from the background thereby, wasting your internet data subscription.

Preventing such from happening is what I am going to be sharing with you today. Just read on to find out the easiest tweak to stop the annoying YouTube videos auto-play.  

Introducing YouTube Center

YouTube Center is the newest add-on that's currently available on almost all popular web browsers around.

With YouTube Center add-on active on your browser, you can gladly kiss good bye to those annoying features.

YouTube Center makes your visit to YouTube so entertaining by giving you access to several hidden function to better customize it.

You can control how your playlist works, how videos should play and all that. The add-on is compatible with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and several others.

All you need do is follow the guidelines below to install and activate the add-on to any browser of your choice and have full control to how YouTube should work for you.

Always visit the provided address with the browser you intend installing this add-on to, this is to make the installation much more easier.   
  • Google Chrome - Download and Install YouTube Center from here. Stop Autoplay for YouTube Extension works fine too but does allow the pre-buffering. 
  • Mozilla Firefox - Install and activate YouTube Center from the Mozilla Add-on repository link here
  • Opera - Can be downloaded from this link
  • Maxthon - Can be accessed and downloaded from this link
  • Other Browsers - If you are using Safari, Internet Explorer and other web browsers, simply follow this link for guidelines specific to your browser.   
Now that you have installed and activated the add-on or extension that's applicable to your web browser. You need configure the plugin on your first visit to YouTube.

This is to help you setup the options that works best for you using the provided functions.

Known Benefits

  1. Can save you lots of data if you are using a mobile broadband
  2. Stops YouTube videos from playing all at once when several videos are opened in tabs
  3. Will start playing only when you hit the play button 
  4. Can be used to download YouTube Videos for free in most browsers 
  5. Allows you to comment on videos you have previously watched before
  6. Can browse around YouTube site conveniently reading only comments or liking your best videos without having to watch the videos all over again.  
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